Nollywood Producer Reveals How He Was Once Harassed By Male Actor

Nigerian producer and actor Bishop Odinaka Duruzor revealed some facts about sexual harassment in Nollywood.


Photo: Bishop Odinaka Duruzor

Speaking about the often discussed and rumoured affairs with actresses, he said they happen by mutual agreement, Nigeriafilms reports.

“If I like you, if you agree, fine; if you don’t, I let you be. If you want a favour from me and you give yourself to me, I won’t reject it. It’s a normal thing and it takes the consent of both parties.”

Bishop also touched upon the topic of gay relationships, which according to him have become rampant in the Nigerian movie industry.

The actor shared how he once was harassed by a male:

“I have once had an experience with an actor who is now a producer. He came up to me, told me he liked me, my physic and all that. After a while, he said he wanted to see the size of my manhood. I said for what. I thought he was joking, but subsequently, when we hang out or go for shooting, he would try to touch me in a romantic way. So I warned him and it ended.”

It would be recalled that President Goodluck Jonathan has recently signed the bill outlawing same sex marriages and civil unions, the law provides for harsh punishment for the violators, up to 14 years of jail.


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