Nyako, Presidency Face-Off Gets Messier As FG Freezes State Government Accounts

Goodluck_NyakoHe might be a former Naval Chief and brilliant military strategist but Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State may be fighting the battle of his life presently as the Federal Government has frozen all bank accounts being operated by the state government. This is even as he is facing impeachment by the state House of Assembly, purportedly acting out a script written by the presidency.

According to a report by Daily Trust on Friday, the Director of Press and Public Affairs in Adamawa Government House, Ahmad Sajoh confirmed the development, which he said has exposed the desperate efforts by President Goodluck Jonathan to witch hunt officials he perceived as enemies even if it means subjecting the electorate to hardship.

Sajoh added that the closure of the bank accounts would have adverse effect on workers as the state government may not be able to pay salaries even as social services might be grounded especially during the holy month of Ramadan.



  1. Could this be true? How would the state civil servants survive without salaries? Still we are praying for peace in this country. Where is peace without justice?
    It is obvious Jonathan wants crisis in the state, so that he can capitalize on it to favor his bid for 2015. Is this not becoming too extreme and trouble shooting?
    The forces against this country is truly the nonentities called elders who have imposed themselves on us. Until we fight this course ourselves masses will continue to suffer.
    Nigeria is not yet ripe for independent by the time we got it. We have no bitter experience of struggling for independent as some nations. America, South Africa and many others with good administrative conduct fought for their independent. They cannot mess it up because they know what it cost them to achieve it.
    Nigeria negotiated for it and we end up colonialising ourselves internally. Therefore we will need to fight for this freedom to free ourselves from oppressor, covetous, corrupt and unpatriotic impositors in the name of politics.
    Nigerians should rise and say NO to all acts of autocratic, nepotism, neo-colonialism, corruption, economic stagnancy, and any sociopolitical and economic activities that endanger the welfare and life of masses. Anything inhuman activities should be resisted. Arab Springs is welcomed, if that is what will save us from all these inhumane treatment.