OAP Disses Kenyan Hottie Vera Sidika Over Her Bleaching


A famous Kenyan On-Air-Personality — Caroline Mutoko has taken shots at video vixen Vera Sidika to change her identification documents to reflect her obvious new look.

Vera, a Kenyan socialite has reportedly been using bleaching cream to change her complexion.

Featured in Prezzo’s new hit video ‘My Gal’ earlier this year, Sidika has been spotted looking remarkably lighter in recent months.

Below is the letter to her from Nairobi’s Kiss 100 FM presenter Caroline Mutoko:

Dear Vera – what you do with your life after the age of 18 is your business. So long as you’re not hurting anyone – go you Saliva Vic, it’s your business and he’s right.

However – a little thing to consider. If I may….

You look very different, infact nothing close to what you looked like earlier this year or this time last year…..

Therefore… speak to your lawyer to allow you to process all your important documentation afresh. Anything that has a visual of you (ID, Passport, bank papers, ATM card, membership, cards etc) you don’t want a situation where you have to explain that you’re the ‘same’ person.

It’s awkward. Just re-do the paper work.

And do let me know when we can host you on the show to talk about your transformation.

You have not hidden it at all & you made sure people knew that you are changing.”

Caroline Mutoko presents the early morning program ‘The Big Breakfast’ ‎on Nairobi’s Kiss 100 FM radio station, a radio station under the Radio Africa brand.


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