Obasanjo Stresses The Need For FG To Negotiate With Boko Haram Over Chibok Girls

An ex President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, made more revelations on the issue of negotiating with Boko Haram terrorists and rescuing of over 200 female students of Girls’ Governmental Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State.


Shortly after giving his comments to BBC Hausa, OBJ, who is currently in Senegal, came up with more details in a phone talk with Premium Times on June 12, 2014, Thursday.

The ex President confirmed that it would be “inconceivable” to get all the kidnapped girls back to their homes, pointed out that it would be a “near-miracle” if it happens.

He further emphasised one again that Jonathan’s administration had failed to act early enough on the mass abduction, and insisted that the best option for now were negotiations with the members of the sect.

Obasanjo stated that reaction in 72 hours is considered as late in such cases. However, it took Jonathan three weeks to make public statement on the abduction, and to proceed to actions by naming a “fact-finding” committee.

“If the administration had acted quickly, we could have rescued them,” the former president concluded.

He still believes President Jonathan would grant him a mandate to start negotiations with Boko Haram members. By this OBJ means not just a personal permission, but an approval for the team of negotiators, which may even include international representatives.

Nana Shettima Chibok Parents

* The wife of Borno State Governor with some of Chibok parents.

The former president admitted that slow response by the government may be explained by the fact they were considering other options and proposals. For instance, Jonathan’s administration is in touch with Australian Bishop, Rev. Davis, who has good links with the Bishop of Canterbury.

It would be noted that over 200 Chibok girls are missing for over 60 days so far. The devastated parents are nervous of the government’s inability either to rescue them by force, or by negotiating with terrorists. At the same time, most fathers and mothers want commencement of negotiations without any further delay.

Source: Premium Times