Opinion: Distance Relationship; an Illusion

Before writing this I envisaged the reactions. I imagined that fearless couple who are trying hard to believe their ‘relationship thing’ would succeed despite the far distance barrier, but on seeing this article, its like a dagger to the heart.

Or maybe that beautiful lady who remembers she lost her true love to distance predicament, taking a glance at the title of this post is repulsive in nature.

But remember life is like a coin- Pleasure and Pain are the two sides.

Just take a look at my past relationship with a damsel who is blessed with beautiful eyes. Her name is not important. Really it isn’t. Why should I bore my esteemed readers of her name when she’s no longer important? Right, I won’t tell you.

During that dreadful ASUU strike stint, with work time present for me, I decided to try out the dating roller coaster thing.

Being an ardent lover of HollyWood Romance where they portray this utopia love-life that makes you intrigued and want to replicate. I fell.

Ours was the story of friends turning lovers- The Relationship circus was effulgent- We enjoyed every bit of the commitment and promised to take it to the next big stage in some years.

Out of excitement oneday, I suggested on taking a blood oath. She was defiant but later submissive. We never took the oath (which am glad we didn’t phew!), but the mental satisfaction of our body closure atleast twice a week was sacred.

But as faith would have it, maybe in a negative way, the strike was done and dusted and I was now uncountable kilometers away from her grasp.

Day by Day, Week by Week, despite the phone conversations, which ultimately reduced, we could sense it was fading away and our differences sprouted. Albeit, its not her fault; its nature.

Ladies are special breeds. In them, they don’t mind having the one they love around them everyday. They want to touch and feel him. They want that smell of him.

When you not around, they feel lonely.

On the phone, chat, email, bbm, any social media baked waffle bla bla, she would remind you Love is having faith and trust in each other. Might even go ahead to display those redundant pictures and gifs showing relationship distance is achievable. I find them ludicrous. I mean those people who orchestrates them barely have a feel of what they create.

A spade A spade, its difficult; its tasking; its demanding; its hard for her.

She is everyday battling with the attention of other randy guys around her, while she still tries to convince herself of the love and dedication for her boy.

Unfortunately, for the Guys, its different.

They don’t mind keeping a girl in every location present. Like in the Men vocabulary, its no crime to cheat.

More revealing, its no new story that Ladies are on the receiving end of distance relationships.

Ask every married women the horror imminent when their husbands embarks on distance-prone businesses. Majority would tell you they wish they can stop the travels, few may tell a lie about using the opportunity to focus on the kids. In reality, if he’s away they feel dejected.

In contrast, table the same question to the Men. They love their Wife and Kids but space is a not a bad idea. And occasionally it culminates to Cheating, but that would be thrashed in a different article.

But as aforementioned, life is two sides to a coin.

There are still some couples; young breeds fighting the reality and burden of Distance Relationship. Its an arduous task they believe they can accomplish. They are doing their best to annihilate the chances of cheating on the one they love.

Understandably. Its likely to happen. Especially if there’s still hope of meeting eachother again. But that space period might have brought in surprises. So don’t be astonished when you find he/she is keeping an extra partner aside you. Or he/she becomes different and wild.

Still, if you feel you’re dedicated to your far-away commitment, and strongly, strongly believe both sides are happy and confident, and cheating would never cloud your precious thing- its painful- but my friend, you’re illogical, super-human and living in a gravely illusion.


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