Pakistan Plane Attacked In Peshawar

A Pakistan International Airlines flight into Peshawar from Riyadh has been fired upon from the ground while landing at Bacha Khan International Airport.

One woman is confirmed to have died in Tuesday’s incident, local sources told Al Jazeera.

At least two other people were wounded.

The passenger jet, with the flight number of PK-756, landed safely after being fired upon.

The aircraft was an Airbus A310 and it was carrying 178 passengers during the flight.

Muhammad Faisal, a senior police official, said that four to five bullets hit the plane.

“Flight operations have been temporarily suspended,” Faisal told AFP.

Flights into Peshawar’s airport have been fired upon in the past, but none are believed to have been hit until Tuesday’s incident.

The airport was previously attacked, reportedly by Uzbek militants, in December 2012 with a rocket attack which killed four followed the next day by gunfire.

The attack on the aircraft follows a deadly assault on the airport in Karachi, the country’s main city, on June 8.