Pasuma Wonder Plans To Drop 3 Hip-Hop Singles


Probably one of the very few Fuji singers left in the country — Pasuma Wonder, has announced that new material is set to drop soon.

The popular Nigerian Fuji musician Odetola Wasiu Alabi, aka Pasuma Wonder is gearing up to release three singles from his upcoming Hip Hop album.

The songs: ‘Abo’, ‘Omo Olope Sope‘ and ‘O ti Clear’, produced by Frankie Free and DJ Toxiq will be released on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

According to the Fuji star, who was the first person to collaborate with Nigerian hip hop group, Remedies in 1999, he said: ‘This is something a whole lot of people have been waiting for. I mentioned my intention to record a hip hop album in 2009 but I have been too busy working on so many other projects. Right now I am pushing everything aside to record a 9 track hip hop album that will blow everyone’s mind. I have not featured anyone in these singles but other songs in the album will have other artistes featured in them.’

Meanwhile, Pasuma says he has opened new Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts after a parody account made him boycott social media for a while.

‘There are several fake Pasuma Wonder accounts on social media which made me stop using social media because of fraudsters but my manager insisted I had to, so I had to open new accounts. My twitter account is @officialpasuma, instagram is officialpasuma and facebook account is officialPasuma’

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