Paul Okoye Finally Displays A Photo Of Himself When He Was Poor

Paul Okoye just compared a picture of him 17years ago to a picture of himself now and says poverty is a bastard. The happy singer shared his recent photo( 2nd pic above) and said ‘look at me now’.



  • No diff. If na money, una make mistake. Jesus Christ is after ur life, not ur money. So give urself 2 Christ if u gv not. But if u hv done dat ride on and remained blessed.

  • Money did d work of changing u into what u r nw,but God comes first.because if it wasn’t God,u wouldn’t have made it…Also thank ur fans 4 always being there for u….I love u paul,I love u peter,I love psquare,Always ur number1 fan.Enjoy.God has blessed u both

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