Pele advise Neymar against diving



Brazil legend Pele has urged Barcelona’s talisman Neymar against recurring diving antics. Information Nigeria understands.

Pele believes the 22-year-old can become one of Football’s greatest if he’s successful with Brazil in the World Cup, but unless he stops his abhorrent diving tactics, he won’t reach that feat.

The three-time World Cup winner who criticized Cristiano Ronaldo earlier this season, had similar words for Neymar.

He still has to overcome some obstacles, especially win a World Cup to be the best player in the world,” he told Bild Sport.

“He needs to change though. Neymar needs to get his emotions under control and keep a cool head in duels.

“And he has to learn to play standing up. He must not go down too fast. Therefore, the transfer to Barcelona was the best thing that could happen for Brazil as teams in Europe play harder, the defenders stay tighter to the man.

“He is on a good path. But he’s still far off what I expected of him.”