Protests Erupt In Kano Following Announcement Of New Emir

Protests have erupted in Kano over the choice of former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as the new emir of Kano, Thisday reports.

Bonfires by irate youths have been reported in Kano metropolis, with motorists compelled by to attach leaves to their windscreens.

Security forces are said to have now been mobilised to disperse the crowd and policemen stationed at strategic points.

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The reason for the anger of protesters who hit the streets of Kano after former CBN Governor Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi emerged Emir has been revealed.

Online news platform, Premium Times quoted a source as saying the supporters of Sanusi Ado Bayero, son of the deceased Emir embarked on the protest because they felt shortchanged.

“Earlier in the day, message came to the Prince while he was at the palace receiving condolences that he needed to go and get set for turbanning in case he was the one selected, so, many of his supporters followed him to his private residence and most of them assumed that he must have been selected since he was getting set for turbanning,” the source told Premium Times.

“Unknown to many, both nominees were required to be ready whether they will eventually be selected or not, but many misconstrued the order and were shocked when Sanusi Lamido was eventually announced and they are the ones protesting now.”


  1. PDP is really upset because God just foiled their sinister plot to embarass a true defender of the masses and anti corruption Agent. The protests are sponsored and will fizzle out soon. Jonathan don finish with him co travellers

    • Yinka, do you think that Sanusi is corrupt free? If yes, then you don’t know Nigeria. Forget all these story of the progressives. Is Buhari a progressive? Then a man who join with Buhari can’t be a progreesive.

  2. Oga Yinka, we don’t want him…politics aside, self interest aside…dis is a traditional institution nt political, y bring politics to it….ba muso

  3. There is nothing like politics in appointing SLS,he is from the ruling family and have pass all the Criteria to become the next emir he is from the ibrahim dabo and Abdullahi Bayero dynasty,if you say he is unpopular with people ado bayero is the Ambassador of nigeria to senegal at the time he was appointed and he successfully did his job.I believe that Allah choose him… Qulillahumma malikall mulki tu’utill mulka mantsha’u, watu izzu mantasha’a watu zillu mantasha’a biyadikhal khair innaka ala khullishai in kadeer.LONG LIVE THE KING….!

  4. The issue is that is sls eligible for the throne?if yes then y the hate,if no then go to emirs palaceand remove him.Allaah gives power and takes it as he wills. Sls house is one of the rulinghouses in kano and this is the time for him to be the emir.He isboth eligible and qualified

  5. Is shame for those that can not differeciate between the god and bad. To me sanusi lamido sanusi over deserve to be the emir, howw can they allow the son of ado bayaro be the the, it their only family owning the kingship, are they better than other chambers. Emir SLS wishing long live and allah strenght to rule your subject in a manner that thw whole world will see that you born to rule. So shall it be. Ameen

  6. Politics or no Politics,at least the Bayero’s immediate family is not the only rulling house in Kano,So the Emir throne should not be limit to them alone.The throne should not always be direct father to son inheritance and it must be contested and surely somebody must emerge.SLS its your time: carry on Allah will surely stand by you on the throne.

  7. Let d jihad war start now! Let blood flow! Kano burn! Who ever kills lamido sanusi ll be rewarded wt 5000 virgins in heaven. I gv u My support, gudluck

  8. Peter ur mind is twisted wit so much hate that u wuld wish 4 a crisis dat wil kil a fellow human u think dat a crisis in kano can not spread to where ever u are nd hurt you. Becareful wat u wish for cos if God were to judge u @ dis moment it wil be as a murderer

  9. Saharareporters is wrong on reasons for the Kano protests

    Submitted by Hassan (not verified) on Jun, 08 2014, 2:06PM.
    Dear Sir,

    Please call up your correspondent in Kano. He will give you the real reasons for this violent protest. Kano masses consider Sanusi Lamido Sanusi too morally un-qualified to be their Emir. That is the reason, please.

    Kano people can think by themselves. They can compare the moral standing of the Ciroma Kano – who is the first son of the late Emir Ado Bayero – against Sanusi Lamido. When they do so, they see a clear difference. They do not want someone with the moral burden of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as Emir.

    Please call Kano now. If you understand Hausa, ask to speak with any protester. Party politics has destroyed the Kano emirate. I don’t see how Kano people will ever accept Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as their spiritual leader. They don’t see anything Islamic in his moral behaviour. Please write the truth and save Kano emirate from being bought with money. Thank you sir.

    Allah ci tayaka riko Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

    Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Jun, 08 2014, 2:06PM.
    Allah ya taya tsarkin Kano riko.

    Wayo Allah. I can’t believe

    Submitted by Otile (not verified) on Jun, 08 2014, 2:06PM.
    Wayo Allah. I can’t believe that kano emirate can self-destruct this badly. Why have they chosen to bring the curse of God and calamity on themselves? Accursed be the day kwamkawso chose this public adulterer, murderer, slanderer, thief, and conman to become the emir of Kano.

    As from today the throne has been diminished through short-sightedness of the Northern hooligans. A whole dignified position thrown into the latrine! What a tragedy? May calamity befall Lamido and his supporters. All say ameen.

  10. Chukwuma, uve spoken well. If they did d wrong, it will certainly find dem out; but if they did d right, we shall all see.

  11. the problem came frm d king makers. by giving three names to the govt house to choose . so the govt house have did their best. no wahala lets accept him pray for God guardian

  12. Why can’t some people leave GEJ alone. This people want to choose another Boko haram leader to start another fresh killing, so where does GEJ and the PDP fit in here. Abeg boko haram start the killing jor, oya ur time starts now. Foolish Hausa Foolani.

  13. The greate pple of Nig. It’s heigh time we stop criticism & suport every apointed leader with prayer 2 perform well & if they choose b evil on their own on the throne let nemecis cach up wit them.

  14. Nigeria is corrupt and every of their system is highly corrupt. If not, how come Amechi from Ikwere in Rivers state became one of the decision makers in Kano to install emir? How come all the Apc leaders are rejoicing that Sanusi, a secret Apc agent is made emir? Does it mean that bayero [the diseased emir] that is loved by all is a wrong choice? why appoint a man under investigation of corruption and a Boko haram financier emir when there is capable and clean hands to take charge? There is more to Sanusi becoming emir in Kano through the instrumentality of Apc chieftains. Those rioting in Kano understands what’s going on, they loved their emir and wished some one like him to be there, preferably his son and not Sanusi, a jihadist, religious extremist who will come to implement his sharia doctrine in the state. Kano wanted a humble but wise king like bayero and not an arrogant Sanusi that doesn’t understand the feelings of the masses. Apc have shown the height of their involvement in Boko haram issue by denying Bayeros son the emirship just for his fathers standing for the truth in Nigeria. We have not forgotten how they nearly killed Bayero last year through Boko haram. Those who stand for the truth in Kano should not allow this injustice to stand. Let the demostration continue until the right choice is made.

  15. Hmm Nigeria, hw long are we goin to continue leaving in this mess? Sanusi from cbn to emir. God save ur people.

  16. Hmmmmmm, Almighty knows what he has done for making SLS a king, so a neglected stone have now become the solid rock, so this is a lesson to everyone. Long live the KING joooor, just try to rule out corruption in our country with the Ultimate power from ALLAH. Ride on SANUSI

  17. It’s high time we started to work together and remove every hypocrisy in religion and politics. Nigeria is suffering from Greedy leaders that don’t want to give the youths befiting jobs …Corruption, and lack of constitutional will..Arise O, Compatriots Nigeria’s call Obey and not religion’s or party’s….please n please, let’s sheath our swords…,

  18. It is said that he has passed all d criteria nd he passed! If ur saying d prince bayero should have taken his father’s position as king then u’re forgeting it’s not 4 their family alone.. Let’s look @ d oba of lasgidi aka lagos who was formaly na acp before becoming d oba.. If d king maker’s put him there to rule d pple then it’s 4 good nd not for bad. Let’s not b sentemental nd say bcoz he was former c.b.n gov he should not b emir of kano state lets look beyond that.


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