R. Kelly’s 14-Yr-Old Daughter Becomes Boy, Calls Herself Jay

Daughter of music star Robert Sylvester Kelly, popularly referred to as R. Kelly, calls herself a “transguy” in social media.


Photo: R. Kelly

Jaya Kelly, who prefers to be called Jay, probably associates herself with men rather than women, as “transguy” means a female looking like a male and exhibiting a man’s qualities.

Jaya Kelly

Photo: Jaya Kelly

The 14-year-old’s mother Andrea is said to be not disturbed by the daughter’s behaviour.

Jaya Kelly

Photo: Jaya Kelly

R.Kelly is a hit-maker, numerous Grammy Award winner, successful record producer and rapper. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) even listed him as one of the best-selling musicians in America.

According to the US-based blogger Sandra Rose, Jaya’s mother Andrea was not disturbed by her daughter’s new lifestyle and accepted it. 

Source: sandrarose.com



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