Raymond Dokpesi: “I Will Forever Miss Amaka Igwe For Her Constructive Engagement”


In a very touching article by Raymond Dokpesi, he has paid tribute to the recently passed on Nollywood icon — Amaka Igwe.

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The most remarkable is the journey into this earth where our respective destiny is sowed. The second journey, which is the manifestation of life, where our destiny glows, is the life on mother earth. The last and final journey is the celestial trip to eternity where every mortal metamorphoses from physicality into spirituality. Amaka Igwe exited this world on Wednesday, April 28, 2014 after playing her role on mother earth remarkably, outstandingly and impressively.


According to Raldo Waldo Emerson, ‘when nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it. Amaka Igwe was indeed a genius.’ A foremost film producer in the African continent, a passionate writer, a diligent director, a thinker, a philosopher, an uncommon patriot, a developmental theatre practitioner, a quintessential lady and an outstanding pride to motherhood.

Late Amaka Igwe (1963-2014). Photo: Filed.
Late Amaka Igwe (1963-2014). Photo: Filed.

Her transition to eternity at the age of 51 is a rude shock to me and most remarkably; the greatest loss to the entertainment industry in Nigeria and more specifically a sad moment for Nollywood where through her unexpected demise, the deepest vacuum has indeed been created.

Amaka Igwe’s name is synonyms with the Nigerian motion picture industry. Through her creativity, resourcefulness, depth of knowledge, diligence and the touch of excellence in all her works, she used the motion pictures to promote happy, healthy and morally upright family which no doubt contributed immensely towards a better world thus amplifying the eternal saying of Marshall McLuban, ‘If you want to change the world, go to television.’

As far back as 1988, her first major production, ‘Decrees of Fate’ won four major awards at the National Festival of Television programmes. It was indeed her springboard to fame, glory and global recognition as her other works were instant television and soapbox success.

‘Checkmate’ ‘Rattlesnake’, ‘Violated’ and most recently ‘Fuji House of Commotion’ at all various times became the reference point in creativity, professionalism, skillfulness, and the promotion of health family values.

Personally, I will forever miss Amaka Igwe because her constructive engagement, partnership and strategic business initiatives greatly contributed to the growth, development and the success of African Independent Television (AIT). We became soul mates in the quest for the best television programming in Africa.

In consolation, possibly she was aware of her timing on mother earth and the urgent need for generational progression and professionalism which were her most cherished and valued philosophies in life hence for sojourn into the realm of intellectualism through BOBTV which is essentially meant for the cross pollination of ideas, knowledge and professionalism between the town and the Gown-the Universities/Polytechnics and the Practitioners/Society.

Amaka Igwe, may the Almighty Lord bless your amiable, resources, gentle, loving, patriotic and versatile soul.

Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!