Reason Why Woman Sentenced To Death In Sudan Was Jailed Again

Meriam Ibrahim has been going through a tough year so far, having been jailed for refusing to denounce christianity and then having to give birth in jail cuffed.


And as it seems the storm was over, days back as she got her freedom after massive protest from all over the world, it seems that it was just the beggining.

Yesterday as she tried to fly to the USA with her husband and kids she was arrested again, this time with her whole family including her two young kids.

Sources have told BBC why the woman was re-arrested yesterday at Khartoum’s airport.

The source said that she tried to leave South Sudan with emergency travel documents issued by South Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim was detained on Tuesday, a day after a court released her, annulling the death sentence imposed on her for renouncing the Islamic faith.

Mrs Ibrahim had emergency travel documents issued by South Sudan when she was detained at Khartoum’s airport

Mrs Ibrahim’s lawyer, Elsherif Ali told reporters that Sudan’s security service had accused Mrs Ibrahim of forging her document and is now being held at a local police station in Khartoum.

South Sudan embassy have however came out and said that the travel documents they issued are genuine.

Her husband, Wani hails from South Sudan but she is Sudanese and the Sudan’s intelligence agency are now saying she can’t use another country’s travel document, stamped with a US visa.

They said: “She came to the airport in an American embassy car – which was bullet proof and heavily guarded. There is something fishy about turning up in a foreign car – something not normal to come in a bullet proof car and guarded by the US embassy,”.

“Everyone knows she is Sudanese. We know she is Sudanese… imagine a British citizen trying to travel wherever appearing at the airport carrying an emergency document from Costa Rica. This is a violation of emigration law anywhere in the world,”.

Meanwhile reports state that the husband and kids have been freed.


  1. They are just looking for ways to exercute jugment by all means and to cover their shame but they have lose and lose forever.cheer-up mrs mariam,your case is settle,you are coming out journey to USA.


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