Security Forces Will Do Everything To Stop Protests – Turkish President

Protesters seeking to mark the first anniversary of anti-government demonstrations in Turkey have been dispersed with tear gas by the police in Istanbul and water cannon in Ankara.

Police clashed with hundreds of demonstrators near Istanbul’s Taksim Square, which was the centre-point in last year’s protests. The AFP news agency reported that riot police used water cannon to disperse about 1,000 protesters in Ankara, the capital.

At least 10 people have been arrested by police, who were deployed in large numbers across the city.

Earlier in the day, authorities closed roads and public transport to block access to Taksim. At least 25,000 officers as well as dozens of water cannon trucks and armoured vehicles were deployed to nearby Gezi Park.

Efforts to save Gezi Park from government development plans sparked last year’s unrest.

The prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, warned activists to keep away from the square, saying authorities were under strict orders to prevent protests.

“I am calling on my people: don’t fall for this trap. This is not an innocent environmental action,” Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul.

“If you go there, our security forces are under strict orders, they will do whatever is necessary from A to Z.

“You won’t be able to go to Gezi like the last time. You have to obey the laws. If you don’t, the state will do whatever is necessary,” Erdogan said.