Shettima Not Fit To Be LG Chairman In A Sane Country – N/Delta Activist

joseph evahThe Coordinator of Ijaw Monitoring Group, IMG, Comrade Joseph Evah has condemned the parading of about 60 persons in Niger Delta attire before television cameras by officials of Borno State Government in a bid to gather support for the governor.

In a statement, Evah said the “displaying of those so-called Niger Deltans like school children for a photoshot to deceive the public about the governor’s popularity was an insult to Nigerians in general and the Niger Delta in particular”.

Faulting the motive behind the show of shame, Comrade Evah: “I have done detailed investigation of what happened in government House, Maiduguri and my investigation revealed that this governor (Governor Shettima) is not fit to even be a local government chairman in a sane country.

“For him to package few elders like children before television cameras after promising them what he could not provide for them to condemn the patriotic demand of Chief E.K. Clark, is enough evidence why the security situation is getting worse by the day in Borno State.

“This confirms my group’s proposal during 2005 constitutional conference that any politician that wants to contest for political office must go through psychiatric test to ascertain his mental capability to manage the affairs of men and women in Nigeria”.

The Niger Delta activist advised the governor to tender an unreserved apology to the Niger Delta region for parading few elders of the region living in the North like school children as a political survival strategy.

“All well-meaning Nigerians stand by Chief E.K. Clark’s demand that full emergency rule would have solved the problem of the political Boko Haram in Borno”.


  1. Ok we don hear! Dan uwarka maigida…GEJ is nt evn fit to b a councillor, kai…he’s nt evn fit to contest d post bt dis is Nigeria!…sha shettima is beta dan GEJ, kaji ko!

  2. Can you blame the elders? If they Can’t steal from public fund like our presiden and governors, why would they bother about your opinion if their parade can get them something. Are you better than them? They are just trying to make a living the way you do

  3. Evah is an illiterate millitant like the shameless old man called clar. If shettima is not deserving of being local government chairman, then their kinsman, the drunkard from otuoke masquerading as president does not qualify as houseboy.

  4. Igbotic fanko…shege u still dey alive? Dan iska u don get mb I guess. I didn’t run frm ma place, I was in kano last week, I get ma pay frm ph den use it to further develop ma already developed beloved sweet sexy state…trust me if Jigawa was a woman, it will b prettier than all d girls in dis universe. So shut up iyamiri masu chin kadangare (lizard)….and as 4 ebele, ma little nephew will rule beta dan him…mind u he’s still sucking


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