Singer Sammy Okposo – “Kefee Complained About How She Felt On The Day She Died”

Kefee 1 stargist
ospel singer, Sammy Okposo who is part of the planning committee for Kefee’s burial had this to say about Kefee…..

“Kefee was not pregnant, though she had a medical history that was being properly managed in America. Her remains has not arrived the country yet. On that fateful day she died, she complained that

she did not like the way she was feeling and they had to call for emergency.

After examining her, they said that nothing was wrong with her. But she insisted that she was not feeling fine.

Coupled with stress, she slumped. It has been agreed by the family members and the husband that she would be buried in her home town, Sapele and we are making all the necessary paper preparations to fly her down to Nigeria.
“We have been asked by the husband to organize a kind of memorial service for her tagged,”An evening with Kefee”, which we are planning to do immediately he arrives.

“We are therefore planning something big for her which will include a documentary about her and probably, a stage play. Also, there are plans for annual lecture in her memory. We are setting up a committee to that effect,” he said.