Soldiers Insist On Searching Tambuwal’s Car As Other VIPs Go Unsearched In Kaduna

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal was yesterday subjected to an unnecessary search by armed men who insisted his convoy must be ransacked in Kaduna.

Irked by the conduct of the men of the Nigerian Army, Tambuwal came out of the car and trekked the short distance into the venue, an incident sources say occured at about 200 metres away from the hotel where an international conference on security and development challenges of Pastoralism in West and Central Africa, organised by the Office of the National Security Adviser held.

The speaker, who arrived the venue of the gathering at exactly 9.16 am for the 10.00 am opening ceremony, had his convoy stopped by soldiers who insisted they must search his official car before he could be allowed into the venue.

It was gathered by Vanguard that despite the plea by security details attached to the speaker, the soldiers refused to yield, claiming they had “orders from above” to search him.

What made the search ugly and suspicious however, was the fact that other VIPs, especially governors, who attended the conference, were allowed access into the hotel without hindrance.

In his reaction, Tambuwal’s spokesman, Malam Imam Imam decried the conduct of the soldiers, saying their attitude undermined the institution of the legislature.

“It is not about the person of the speaker, but the office he is occupying. What we expect is for the security agents to show respect for the office of the Number 4 citizen of the country,” he said.

The soldiers eventually did not search the speaker’s car after he walked into the venue.


  1. This is sensational publication. Every vehicle coming into the premises was searched. Because of the delay caused by the queuing cars, the speaker had to walk to the venue of the event. His vehicle was not even searched. The speaker showed his usual humility by walking to the venue less than 100 metres. Am disappointed by your sensationalism over this issue. Your online publication should be concise and truthful not politicising every issue. If you stand for the later, please delete my email from your list.

  2. Its not good to do such a thing to no 4 citizens in the country it looks suspicious. But the comment of the 1st response is even contradict the story. But what I know is that only God knows the truth. But we are all Nigerian irrespect of the ethnics, religions or party. Gods eyes are on us.


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