Soldiers Insistence On Searching Tambuwal’s Car Unfortunate, Slap On Legislature – Aide Says

TambuwallThe Special Adviser to Speaker of the House of Representatives on Media, Imam Imam, has condemned the incident in Kaduna on Monday, where soldiers subjected his boss, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, to a search.

Imam said it was highly unusual for security operatives to search an official car of the Speaker, more so, when he was inside the car.

We had earlier reported that soldiers stationed at the entrance to a hotel in Kaduna, which served as venue for the international conference on security and development challenges of pastoralism in West and Central Africa, had insisted on subjecting the speaker’s official car to a search in spite of the visibility of the flag and the coat of arms of his office.

Describing the incident as unfortunate, the speaker’s spokesman noted that the action of the soldiers could undermine the nation’s democracy.

He said, “What they are doing is undermining the legislature as a whole. It is not about the Speaker but the institution.

“We are just urging them (security) to be mindful of the fact that the institution must be protected at all times.

“The constitution provides that the integrity and sanctity of both the legislature and the executive arms of government must be protected at all times. If it cannot be protected, then it is unfortunate”, Imam said.


  1. Is good since u people don’t want to provide the sponsored of boko haram,u all are boko haram to our gov.noting bad 4checking all of u Islams of boko haram.nonses

  2. If you don’t have anything to hide why complain? You should be greatful that our soldiers has awaken to duty where personality and office does underscore your duty. They are bound to secure lives and property and searching any car of their choice is achieving the oath the sworn to the country

  3. Aminu salamaleku, eze ekenem gi. D fact dat d nation is unda pervity do nt mean our sence f humur shuld b lost in being patroitice. Aminu and eze. Watz d solution 2 9ja problem?

  4. Oga Imam there is nothing wrong in searching your car. They call security agents. As long as they are doing their work with due respect to the citizens, please allow them. A Clear conscience fear no accusation they says. What if may be an unknown person has put dangerous or harmful thing in you car without your knowledge. You sit there in the car, somebody drive you, another person is the mechanic and other things. They only want to be sure that you all are saved. At least, leadership by example. After all nobody is above the law. Please be understanding

  5. Eze or wat so ever your name is if u want to tock about wat is happining in nigeria tock about that,but don’t ever tork about islam if not we will blast your religion.sow respect your self u dog

  6. Remember bro and sis islam is the most and high respectable religion in the world because let us know what the word islam mean, islam mean peace, what is christianity? No be crisis. If that be true so call CAN terros. Dugs you and your ogas dogs pigs

  7. Eze, you sound like an unrefined element. It is glaring to uninformed people, audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that the activity of Boko Haram is totally contrary to the preaching of islam. Jonathan and his co-evil plotters know exactly what is happening in Nigeria. They are just disguising under the umbrella of Boko Haram. Almighty Allah will surely expose and disgrace whoever is responsible for the insecurity menace in Nigeria insha Allah.

  8. When will this people admit that they are the world biggest problem, anybody saying Islam is for peace is blind, I have been with them for long they are the bad. Good in shedding blood.

  9. Eze,the likes of u are the major terror we have in these country! If u have some thing to say about bokos why not say it instead of generalizing all muslims if you do not know what to say just shut up and remain silent for ever you moron! Fool

  10. Christianity is all about love. Christianity preaches and emphasizes that we love our neighbours as ourselves, christianity also teaches us to forgive 70 times (*) 70 . Definitely, in a land Where Love and Forgiveness abound, there would sure be peace. Jesus died for you and me, because he loved us and he still loves us. My dear brothers and sisters let us put away our differences and embrace love, let us love our neighbours and all those around us, let us love all humans irrespective of their differences, let us forgive all those that trespass against us and see if there would not be peace. May love, forgiveness and peace abound in Nigeria in JESUS Name I Pray Amen

  11. Emma, you must be very stupid for saying muslims are bad. How much do you know about ur so called christianity? Even ur bible I doubt if u know it’s real content if u know what I mean go search for d truth fool

  12. Emma, if u think muslims are bad what are u still doing with them? Even ur so called christianity what do you know about it? U evil thinker u can never stop islam from growing cos is a guided religion so u can go to hell for I care fool

  13. Pls my brothers&sisters in islam and christenity, could u pls let’s leave all dis drscrimination apart and let’s join hands and fight wat so called terrorism in our beloved nigeria. Wat we need here is contribution and advice of how to make dis country as great as america. We both muslim&christen are one. Ilamic means for peace, while christen also means for believer. And in my view, we both serving only one GOD which is ALLAH. Pls my brothers and sisters, all we need is prayer. {Salam/alaikum}

  14. Let learn to respect other people religion no matter the situation…….We are too religious but we are not righteous,what bring the issue of christian and muslim in this matter……searching d speaker is not a crime but he must be accorded d respect of his position as a speaker….

  15. Den GEJ is a strong man! If U guys can say GEJ is de owner of BH, what hapen to Buhari’s speeches? (blood will flow,ungovernable etc) U guys are here makin noiz. Mtcheew. some of U run 7am to 7pm duty at work and come back to condem/compare democratic/militry leadership have U ever lead a group of people befor? advicers corupt leaders. Except Shagari and Yar’adua who else do good? Was it not borno oga at de top dat gav rong info to soldiers befor chibok attack? get de real fact dont base on media. As kwankwaso expose dem(bokos) in 2012 dont U know how many arrested?even if Dem got angry and attack Naibawa few weeks latter. go to cameroun now U will see dose bokos but camerounians are sceard of If we expose dey will retaliate. (Oga will say sabisa forest how come dem de us Phones,motor,cookfood etc) wot is special about de north dat GEJ will distroy it? Becos dey are catle rearer dats wy dey bliev dem alone are born to rule(No one else) Dem creat some Robbot nd name it bokos now de ar uncntrlable monsters..


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