Strange Headache Leaves Woman Speaking With French and CHINESE Accent


A mum told yesterday how a migraine has left her with a different sort of headache – she cannot stop herself from talking in foreign accents.

Julie Matthias, 49, is now mistaken for being from various countries including France, Italy and South Africa.

The hair salon owner has even been racially abused because of the way she sounds.

Julie, of Chatham, Kent, said: “People take the mick and say I’m speaking French-enese – a cross between French and Chinese.

“I was born and bred in Chatham and I was a chav with a Chatham accent.”

The mum-of-two is one of just 60 people worldwide diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome. It was sparked after a severe migraine.

Julie collapsed and lost the power of speech. She has sounded foreign since she began talking again.

Experts say the syndrome affects people with minor brain damage.



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