Article: The finals


It was the champion’s league finals, the mother of all matches, the most anticipated and most talked about match. For weeks all the sports stations in the country had already analysed piece by piece the history of the clubs and ”predict n win” competitions were all over the place. 2pm my boys and I were all seated at the venue of the most anticipated match of the season, in front row seats of STANFORD BRIDGE extension AKA my new 42” 3D TV centrally positioned in my living room. 3pm and the battle was on, we were all focused and all of a sudden someone taps me….

Yes Rose, may I help you? Uncle am leaving for school…ok bye bye. AhnAhn just like that? Find me something Nah. I don’t have any money in the house o, unless you’ll wait till after the match so I can use the ATM. Haba uncle that will be too late o. so stay till tomorrow Nah.

Uncle exam starts on Monday morning and the school management reshuffled the hostel arrangement, now I’ve been relocated to another hostel and I have only tomorrow to relocate and arrange the place then study against my first paper on Monday, so uncle I really have to leave this afternoon or I’ll never be able to meet up.

HAA!! That was the best I could come up with, I can’t afford to miss this match o, what now? Uncle you can do an instant transfer nah, ask uncle tunde for his tablet let me show you. Yes! this is my window, Chelsea FC  had won a corner and that was the opportunity i was waiting for to do the instant transfer, using Tunde’s tablet who was already lost on the pitch of play, i swiftly keyed in my details and transferred #30,000….thank you uncle she said with a hug….bye!!!  And just as the ball landed on the pitch of play my phone vibrated, but I was too engulfed in the match that I didn’t even care if it was the president that sent the text.

GOAL!!! Ehen now I can gladly read the text… was the debit alert, wow that was quite fast anyway! She better not call asking for more money till month end.

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