Thief in Italian Town of Bra Arrested for Stealing Brassieres


An Italian thief in Bra has been placed under house arrest for stealing brassieres and underwear from washing lines in town.

The alleged thief was busted after bagging bras and pinching panties that had been left out to dry on lines and balconies in the northern Italian town.

The 28-year-old conducted his undergarment-snatching operation overnight.

When police searched the suspect’s home in nearby Pocopaglia, he allegedly had “a house full” of women’s underwear, La Repubblica reported. According to the paper, he had harassed a former girlfriend in the past.

According to the Local, a 64-year-old Italian man was also arrested for stealing 17 bras from a supermarket in August.

Renzo Cavalieri’s arrest came only months after he was released from a year-long sentence that he had received for stealing underwear. “I have no idea why I keep stealing bras,” he reportedly told police.


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