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A driver, Ian Glover, has been reported to have crashed his lorry into a car and killed a 20-year-old woman.


Reports say the accused was driving while watching pornographic photos on his phone when the accident occurred in the UK.

The UK Mirrior reports that the accident happened last July when the Glovers were driving to Aberystwyth for a day trip from their home in Stafford.

Mr Glover had been flicking through images of women on explicit dating sites when he ploughed into a car that was parked into the hard shoulder.

It was gathered that the accident caused a Vauxhall carrying Laura Thomas and her fiance, Lewis Pagett, both 20, to fly over the safety barrier.

Unfortunately, Laura, who wanted to become a teacher for disabled children, was declared dead on the way to hospital by emergency crews at the scene of the accident.

* The late Laura Thomas and her fiance, Lewis Pagett.

Glover, 44, was jailed at Shrewsbury Crown Court for five years after admitting dangerous driving.

Speaking after the court case, Lewis, who was left with a head injury and fractured vertebrae following the crash, said: “Laura and I were looking forward to planning our wedding together – instead, I ended up planning her funeral.

Laura’s mum, Lisa, 45, said: “I makes me feel sick that Groves killed my girl while looking at porn.

“He assessed sites such as ‘’ and ‘’ around 11 times in a less than a mile radius – why would someone be looking at such sites while driving?

Glover told police that he could not remember what had happened before the crash but tests on three mobile phones found in his lorry revealed he was looking at the dating sites.

Glover was driving the 44-tonne Mercedes lorry at between 50mph and 56 mph.

Mr Paul Rogers, defending, said Glover was ‘deeply ashamed’ that he had viewed the websites while driving.

Judge Robin Onions, sentencing, said: “You were on these sites at the point of impact.

“For many miles you were not paying proper attention.

“This was utterly avoidable.”

Investigation revealed that the late Laura’s family have not only set up a charity in her name but are now raising awareness for the dangers of driving while using a mobile phones.

Source: ThisDay