Transgender Woman Found Burnt To Death


A transgender woman was found burned to death behind a garbage container in Fort Myers, Fla., on June 19, Naples News reports.

Fort Myers authorities are investigating the death of Yaz’min Shancez, 31, as a homicide but not as a hate crime.

“We have no indication at this time to say this was specifically done because it was a male living as a female or anything like that,” Fort Myers Police Lt. Jay Rodriguez said. “If you really think about it, a hate crime is killing someone for a specific reason, being black, Hispanic, gay. We’re investigating as we would any other homicide.”

Shancez ’s body was found on a dead-end, private road in an industrial part of Fort Myers.

Shancez ’s father, Harvey Loggins, said his family left balloons and stuffed animals at the crime scene.

“We didn’t hate him for what he was,” Loggins said of his daughter “Still to this day I love him. I wish he was here right now.”

According to police reports, Shancez was identifying as a woman since 2004 where she initially spelled her name as “Jasmine.” At the time, when she was 20 years old, she was working as a self-employed hairstylist.



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