UNILAG produces youngest medical doctor…graduates at 21


21 year-old Maryam Opeyemi Raji (pictured above) has emerged the youngest graduating medical student at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, during 2012/13 academic session.

Parents, family and friends gathered on Wednesday, June 11 to celebrate her success story. Speaking on how she did it, Maryam said;

“It was my dad’s dream I become a medical doctor. Unfortunately I lost him at age 8. People around me, especially my mum, nurtured the dream. She helped me keep the goal, it was very challenging but having her around kept me focused. Luckily for me, I finished my secondary education at an early age, and at 15, I gained admission to study medicine at the University of Lagos. Here I am today, I am being celebrated as the youngest medical student.”

21 year old doctor? That’s major. Congrats to her… 


Source: LIB


  1. congrats maryam. Ur family, frnd relative nd ur religion too are very proud of u. May Allah continue b wt u.

  2. Mashallah! Dear sister Maryam Raji. I’m so happy to hear your your story. I pray Allah preserves you for the best in this life and the hereafter. More power to your elbow!


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