What I Learned From My Father About Love And Life



From the very first day of my life, my father has been there for everything. From the time I took my first steps as an infant, to the present, my dad has been a vital part of the woman I am and the woman I have yet to become.

As a young girl, your father is the initial male figure in your life. Your first love. He’s the one to teach you how to ride your bike and to teach you how a man should or shouldn’t treat a woman, amongst other things. Growing up, my father lived by all of those things he taught me. He was the first man to open the door for me, which showed me that’s what a man should do for a lady no matter what. He showed me the man I needed to find and the type of man I would need to raise as a mother.

While being raised in a household with my father, I didn’t realize that he is more than just the man who had a hand in raising me, but he was my first guy friend, a real life superhero and a teacher. When you’re a child, you never see the value in the amount of love, discipline and advice your parents extend to you until you’re older… and even then you may not realize how priceless it is.

I’ll never forget the time in my life where I was fresh out of a relationship and trying my best to mend a broken heart on my own. My dad noticed that I wasn’t my usual self, but he gave me my space to try and figure things out on my own. After a while he noticed that I was still shaken by the end of that relationship, so he decided to intervene as only a father could. One day he knocked on my door, came in and asked what was going on with me (although he already knew). So I began telling him and as he listened, he heard and felt the pain in my voice before calmly saying this to me:

“Baby girl, don’t worry about him, you don’t need him and there’s no need for you to feel the way you do… Someone new will come along and treat you better.”

For the next hour or so we had one of the best father-daughter talks we’d ever had.

My father and I have shared a number of great times. Throughout my life he’s taught me a number of valuable lessons that I will keep with me and apply to my life; and even now with my child, my father is helping me to bring him up in the way he should go by instilling the same morals, values and work ethic in him. Having a positive male role model in my life made a huge difference and I don’t know what kind of person I would’ve turned out to be without him. For those who have not had the experience of being raised with your father or a positive male role model, I urge you to seek out a man who you believe can influence you or your child’s life in a good way, because whether we want to believe it or not, the presence of a man in a child’s life is necessary. Now don’t get me wrong, in no way am I belittling single mothers, but I’m simply recognizing the importance of a good man in a child’s life. I’m forever grateful for all that my father has taught me and for what I’m still learning from him. My first love has shown me the greatest love of all over the years.

What lessons have you learned from your father or another positive male role model in your life?

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