WOW! See How Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend Inside Church

They met at a wedding reception months back and the guy managed to have a discussion with her even when her then boyfriend was around. Her boyfriend left her that day because of this guy’s interference and today the story is getting sweeter for her as the new guy has finally proposed, right in church, and she said Yes!


  1. I have ben reading post on this site but never leave a comment, but this I have to. Like seriously this is the perfect place to propose to a lady u love. Wow am so happy for you dearie God bless ur union.

  2. The meeting point is not a determinant of a true LOVE. The 4 letter word contains issues far far from how and where it commenced. I am of the view that the people involved actually are not pretending becos selection of partners right in the church is full of lies and pretence. Players watchout!!!!!!!!!!


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