10 Marriage Moments You Never Want to Forget


The older I get, the less I seem to remember. Unfortunately, I’ve never been one who could recall specific times and dates for certain events. Now, the birth of my children always seems like it happened just yesterday, a pleasant memory not to be forgotten. And then, there are a few of my most embarrassing moments that I tend to hold onto as well. Memories of my lost loved ones, like my Grandma Helen and Stepfather Michael, never escape me either.  Life is full of special moments that make us smile at just the thought. Every day we are creating new memories. As we continue along this journey, people will come in and out of our lives. We have to be sure to hold onto what’s most important, our relationships. In marriage there are certain events we should never forget, and here’s why:

1. The Engagement

Can you remember what you were wearing, where you were and how you felt? Being proposed to can cause so many emotions to surface. Joy, excitement, nervousness are just a few. The moment you decide to take that next step is huge. It’s a decision that completely changes your life. Knowing when the time is right is a sure sign of maturity.

2. The Wedding

There’s nothing like celebrating your love with family and friends. Remember all of the planning that went into making this day so special? That outpouring of love, as well as the vows you shared, should remain with you forever.

3. The Honeymoon

Ooh wee! I’m sure during the majority of the wedding ceremonies, the honeymoon was probably on your mind, right? The first night you’re intimate after saying “I do” is another of those magical moments. Recalling that night can also be beneficial when you and your partner are at odds

4. The First Major Purchase Together

Making decisions as a couple is significant to a marriage. It shows you were able to agree on something that was best for you both.

5. The Birth/Adoption of Your Children

Building a family is a major life change. Raising children changes the dynamics of the relationship and is the motivation a couple needs to be mindful of the energy they put into the marriage.

6. The Aha! Moment

Your a-ha moment is the moment you realized you married the right person. Although you may question, at times, if you made the right choice, there will come a time in your marriage when you realize you did in fact choose correctly. Enjoy your decision.

7. The First Major Make-up

Couples are going to disagree. That’s a fact in each and every relationship. Your first major disagreement might seem major, but how you resolve it will set the tone for all future conflicts.

8. The Milestone Anniversaries

The 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 and beyond are all momentous occasions and should be celebrated. During the celebration couples should also take note of how they arrived at this point. What did they have to sacrifice to make their marriage work. Unfortunately, not every marriage makes it to each of these points. If you have, celebrate and work even harder to keep moving forward.

9. The Feeling of Security

When you find yourself going above and beyond in your marriage, you’re invested. There is nothing more powerful than a marriage involving two people who want it more than anything. Your marriage will work if both partners really want it to work.

10. You fill in the blank.

Any moment that means something to the couple is one to keep. Everyday is an opportunity to live life to the fullest. Our marriage is our greatest relationship and we have the power to create memories we’d rather forget or ones that’ll last us a lifetime.

Marriage is an opportunity to demonstrate love, unconditional love. As we build and strengthen our foundation, we are also developing moments of love we’ll never forget


Source: blackandmarriedwithkids.com