10 Things Your Girlfriend Actually Wants for Her Birthday

Forgive me for how awful this might sound, but sometimes you fellas are a little lame when it comes to that whole gift giving thing. It seems like, more often than not, a lot of guys steer towards the flowers, candy, jewelry, coupon book, and stuffed animal route when it comes to getting a gift for a gal. And, I don’t really blame you. I mean, after doing a little research for this article I see that’s the advice from a lot of articles out there. But gals don’t always want the overly cliché things. We also don’t always want something extravagant and romantic. A good gift should show that you pay attention to who your gal truly is (and not like you just Googled “what to buy your lady for her birthday”). So, here are 10 things your girlfriend actually wants for her birthday.

Street fair/Market

Now, I know at first glance this kind of thing might not seem like it’s a birthday gift but trust me it is. The good thing about places like this is you can make a whole afternoon or day of it. You can splurge and buy her a few things she fancies while you’re wandering around. You can also usually get some kind of treats to eat and drink. And, if it’s a farmers market then you can surprise her by grabbing some ingredients to cook dinner or make something tasty later that night.

Tickets to a play, museum, etc. she’s always talked about

Most plays, museums, and other cultural things are just pricey enough that sometimes you toss it aside when splurging on yourself, but inexpensive enough that it’s not too over the top as a birthday gift. So, if there is something she’s mentioned wanting to see definitely go grab the tickets and take her.

Something that helps her work on a hobby or interest

I had just started dating my fiancé around my birthday last year. He ended up getting me this really nice notebook as a gift. I swooned. A lot. It was one of the best gifts ever. I still have it and I still use it.

Dinner at a restaurant you know she’d never take herself to (but that you know she really wants to go to)

This kind of works the same way as the whole play and museum thing. Maybe it’s something she saw on Food Network or just something she thinks would be really cool. Either way, it could be the perfect spot for a present (and celebration).

Some type of food she loves that’s really hard to get

Has she traveled to Europe? Or did she once live in a different city? If so, there’s a good chance there might be something really tasty that she can rarely find. It could even be something as simple as Cincinnati Chili or a Chicago dog. Find out if you can get it or maybe there is a good recipe and you can make it.

Something to remember where she’s from (assuming she likes where she’s from)

Maybe it’s the fact that I have lived in a city of transplants for so long, but a lot of people I know don’t live in the place where they grew up. Sites like Etsy have lots of pictures, jewelry, and other items from various places that will totally throwback to her childhood.

A funny t-shirt to remind her of an inside joke between the two of you

My fiancé once bought me a Soul Glo shirt. (If you don’t know what that is Google it and go watch Coming to America immediately.) It wasn’t for any special occasion, but still applies here. It’s from a movie that we both quote religiously and it makes us laugh. It also gave me the warm fuzzies.

Some kind of experience that you wouldn’t normally do

If you’re gal is a little adventurous then take a walk on the wild side. It could be fun for both of you actually. It doesn’t have to be something traditional like sky diving or bungee jumping though it can be. You could also try something out of the box like taking a pig butchering class.

Hand crafted/unique jewelry

OK, I can openly admit that jewelry is pretty awesome and most gals like jewelry. But that doesn’t mean you have to go with a heart shaped diamond pendant. You can also look for something that’s a little more unique and one-of-a-kind. Again, check out Etsy.

Something seasonal

Who says that you can only do birthday related things on your birthday? You can also do something that’s fun and seasonal. Is it fall? How about a pumpkin patch? If it’s winter you could go sledding. If it’s summer you could go catch a baseball game or watch some fireworks.

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