2015: Ex-militants Threaten To Cut Fuel Supply To North If They Oppose To Jonathan’s Re-election

Ex-militants in the Niger-Delta have threatened to cut off the supply of petroleum products to Northern Nigeria if the North oppose the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015.

At their meeting in Oron, Akwa Ibom State, the militants also threatened to ensure that the North did not benefit from crude oil proceeds generated from the Niger Delta region.

The ex-militants under the aegis of the Leadership, Peace and Cultural Development Initiative assessed the handling of Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, projects by contractors at their meeting.

President of the group, Mr. Reuben Wilson, said that their interest was to ensure that Jonathan returned to office in 2015, while anybody opposed to the idea would be considered an enemy of the region.

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“We met in Oron to review developments in the country, particularly the interest of the Niger Delta people. You will agree that the Niger Delta is the main stay of the nation’s economy. You will also agree with me that the Niger Delta people are sustaining the economy at great inconveniences and pains to its people and the environment. This has been the only time that the region has had the privilege of producing a president for the country.

“It is unthinkable that the North will be plotting against our son, intimidating him with bomb blasts here and there and causing the untimely death of scores of innocent Nigerians, all because they want to take back power.

“We have always seen the need for us to live together as one indivisible country and that is what Mr. President believes in,” Wilson said.


  1. I agree wit Ex-militants,the northern politicians believed poewer belong to only them by the time they finish bombing everywhere we will see who they will rule.


  3. Wahala dey o.jst tell us dt u pple re calling 4 d division of dis country.dnt 4get dt u pple dnt hv a gud soil 4 farming.nd 4 ur information der re many states in d north dt oil hs been detected nd its bcos d useless man u calling 4 his reelection in 2015 makes d issue of refining it nt sirius.

  4. What do u call urself daddy or what. wil u stop up ur dirty mouth by calling ur president a useless man. Your grand father and your father is very useless by giving birth to a useless boy like u. God punish. All those u re supporting boko haram must die. Senseless people.

  5. Daddy you are fool who told we don’t have a good soil farming.What the millitants are saying is what will happen if you people dön’t want it, it is war that will end it we are not afraid of blood sharing we were born with it i love to share blood.

  6. All the northern are stupid frm d top to d down one nigeria wil divide nd i wil c hw ur agriculture we spend billions of our oil money to maintain wil go on. As fr goodluck or biafra

  7. The re-ellection of mr president, is a done deal,therefore we should prepare to celebrate it.We should not mind the north whom God has made to be almajiris that is why he didn’t give them oil,and if they oppose the president more further we will tell them that we are not made to be one nigeria,it is our educated wiseless politicians of old that accepted to be with them! and not we the present day politicians enough is enough,if they are the one that has the oil and other usefull resurses would they had allow us to share it with them talkless of taking 6o%?Angway where in the world do u see a wild animals living togather with the domestic ones,useless north like that of nigerian northerner!.

  8. Weldone mr president! keep doing d gud, don’t loose ur focus God is whith u. Reasinable northern pple must know what u are doing


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