2015: Next Jigawa Governor Will Not Be My Errand Boy, Says Lamido

sule lamidoThe governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido, has hinted that the next governor of the state would be selected based on merit by all the state’s political stakeholders, stating “in the next few months all of us would be gathered to select our next governor based on his political and leadership quality to lead the state forward and continue from where we stopped, He would be someone with dignity, merits the position, not my errand or political boy, who would receive orders from me”.

According to him “before our coming in to office, a lot of negatives in the state administration had happened, public funds had been siphoned and embezzled; where years was wasted with less achievements”.

He noted that “it was in this state by the immediate administration that the sum of over N7 billion was taken away in the name of Baturiya road; the sum of N9 billion was siphoned under water for all programme; over N7 billion Dutse dual carriage; N500 million eastern bye pass road etc, and none of the above were executed and the moneys stolen”.

“That was the last. it would not happen again because we have set a very good and solid foundation of accountability and transparency on the public funds where we judicially use some meagre amount and did a lot for our people in all sectors of the state”, Lamido said.

Speaking earlier, Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Honourable Adamu Ahmed Sarawa, expressed concern on how the state’s funds was used by the immediate past governor, Senator Saminu Turaki, to construct housing estates in Niger republic.

The speaker noted that “my village was among the victims of the last administration’s sufferings where projects proposed in the budget were stolen without execution of the projects”.

Mr Sarawa added that he was a member of the Assembly under Turaki’s administration when various road contracts were proposed in the budget but they were not executed.

“I know the companies used to take away money from government coffers. We have all the records with us [and] if the head of that fraudulent government continue condemning this administration, he will see the consequences”, the speaker threatened.


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