21-year-old Student Commits Suicide After Girlfriend Jilted Him

A 21-year-old student of Maritime Academy Oron, Akwa Ibom, Effiong Otu has taken his own life after being jilted by his girlfriend.

Ann, a family member disclosed to Vanguard that Effiong was found hanging in his room at Diamond Hill, Calabar, shortly after he collected a rope from neighbours. They became suspicious soon after he went inside his room with the rope wondering what he wanted to use it for.

According to the source, when his mother Grace Otu, a nurse at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital left the house at about 3pm on that fateful day, the young man borrowed a rope and killed himself.

“The 10th of July was the 10th anniversary of his father’s death in a car accident and after the anniversary and everyone had left the house including his mother, he went to a neighbour and borrowed a rope which he took to his room and hung himself,” said Ann.

“The neighbours became suspicious of what he was doing in his room with the rope and decided to rush there but found the door to the room locked and before they could force the door open he had died,” she said.

According to her, before he hung himself, he called one of his friends, Adu on phone requesting him to tell his girlfriend, Blessing who works with the UNICEM that she should now be happy that he has killed himself for her.

“Before his friend could rush to the house, the door had already been forced open by neighbours and Effiong’s body was hanging from the ceiling of the house”.

Ann stated that Effiong was an only son of the family and was given the late father’s name as a source of succor for the family but “he has again left us by this thoughtless action”

Effiong’s body had since been removed and deposited at the mortuary of the General Hospital, Calabar.


  1. foolish fool,the devil that pushed him into this inhumane act will also be waiting for him in hell to give him a brutal reception,while the said girl will be here cruising life with another guy.love nwantete!

  2. Wow! Naija Romeo but u fell inlove with eve instead of Juliet chaiiii! This is true love but been the only son to replace your dad you shouldn’t ve done that lover boy n you re too young to die for love life has a lot ahead for you.
    This is the 3rd am hearing this year happening in naija all guys! When will a naija babe die for love self?

  3. effiong you wont have done this, you suppose to have known long ago that life is full of obstacles, war and challenges but it is too late to echo this unto you,as you took your life that never stop the hands of time, but it is so sad that you didn’t think it deeply to know the pains your family will pass 2ru by this act, effiong rest in the bossom of ur creator

  4. Automatic ticket to hell because of woman, na wa o. In the heart of every woman love can never be complete. Ann or wateva her name is is cruising her life, she wil soon get married while u dey hell dey roast. To me, women are made for the bed, dey can’t love a man completely. So many deep secrets inside of dem. Na real man fit control woman. U rili disgrace MAN

  5. Sometimes I wonder why some people have one-way-traffic thinking mentality…. A girl left u, u killed urself, d girl is running tinz with other guy(s)…. What shall it profit u 2 take ur own life 4a girl dat will be hanging out with other guys after u are gone 2d land of no return?? Guys b wise babes plenty pass we guys. Infact d beautiful ones r yet 2b born.

  6. Na brain real man take dey love woman nor be heart. If u use ur heart u go die young go hell fire. I dey fear woman wen go tell me say she love me. As a man u need to try too to fully satisfy ur woman in all ramifications

    That girl you are dying for, trying to still only to satisfy her, fighting because of her, wasting your time for her e.t.c NEVER LOVED YOU as you think… Women never show complete love to men.. Even in the bible,. Eve put Adam to a disgraceful situation which we [men] are suffering from, even now.[d boy dat jux died]
    For a man to die again because of a woman [eve] is diametrically heartache, chai [crying] an only son for that matter,

    blessing or whatever, why not take it easy on him even if you don’t love him? Now go and eat his corpse. [Queen of england]

  8. Ladies should look for wot dem want na. Dem go show u greenlight come later see hu get money comerun leav U.

    Oboy! If u hav been heartbroken befor u will understand. Sha 2tins are invovled quikquik beg her best friend to follow you arround even if you will not sleep wit her. Na de medicine. E de kill dem(ladies) well well or U repent and resume full gospel activities.

    but if you do like dis guy 1tin is invovl fire tins onpoint.

  9. Congratulation! That’s the only legacy you left: that you secure an automatic ticket ov journey straight to hell fire!.

  10. This is a lesson to all mothers, if ur son is grownup, dont encourage hangout and hangin, instead encourage and support them to marry and settle down, hanging whether in or out can kill. Be warned!


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