2face Idibia Officially Changes Stage Name


Just like several famous musical artistes do sometime in their long careers, superstar singer and husband — Innocent Idibia has decided change his stage name.

2Face made the decision known at his Ascension album launch on the 19th of June at the Escape Night Club.

According to the former Plantashun Boiz singer, he will no longer be known as 2Face Idibia on his next album, but simply as ‘2Baba‘.


What do you think???


  1. That is ok for u, but for me it shows irresponsable, hw will u give ur self 2face, then u deside to change it to 2baba, i dont no if am to call it 9ja stupied mentality, hw many foriegn musician have u seen change or changing there name.
    Heeee, better live ur name to 2face.
    And hope u no that if u mistakenly change this ur name to 2baba, the nest will be 2boy, nest 2baby. Better think wise. THANKS

  2. Vitus its obvious u re sensless. he can change his name if he wants. P Diddy changed his name like 5 times so whats the big deal? go and wash ur head so as to cleanse ur self of ur stupid senseless mentality.

  3. Vitus,Nigga raw n p Diddy changed dia names so i dont cee any big deal in 2face own after all, we all know him as 2baba. Carry go!! king 2baba we are with u bro

  4. This is a sign of inferiority complex, he knows that the Name 2face is gradually fading away and young and upcoming artist are taking center stage, so the earlier he admits that he is becoming irrelevant, the better for him

  5. @ vitus and de prince una be big fool i hv ever met for social network. Una own mumu no get part 2. Who told pple dat changing of stage name is inferiority complex and that 2face name is fading away. Omen dis one na big tym jealousy. Sorry for una life. Who God has bless vituS and de prince shall not cause.

  6. Definetly I see dat dprince nd virus dnt knw wat to write,u guys dnt knw dat a living legend lyk 2face v to change is stage name,moreover he is getin old nd a responsible father nd husband…..2baba I hail u ooooo


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