4 Feared Dead As Soldiers, Shi’ite Muslims Clash In Zaria

Four people were reportedly killed by soldiers on Friday afternoon, following a clash between soldiers and members of Shi’ite Islamic sect at PZ area of Zaria, Sabon Gari Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

According to an eyewitness, the incident happened when members of the sect abducted two soldiers who attempted to stop the sect members from procession marking the Qudus Day, a day set aside by the Shi’ite movement in Nigeria in support of the Palestinian struggle in the Middle East.

The intervention of some soldiers to rescue their colleagues from the angry sect members numbering over 300 triggered the violence, as soldiers allegedly started firing gunshots to disperse the increasing crowd. One of the victims was said to be the son of renowned Islamic preacher Sheikh El-Zazzaki, leader of the sect.

The clash, which lasted for over two hours, however, paralysed business activities in the ancient city, as traders hurriedly closed down their offices and shops and rushed to their homes for fear of being caught up in the attack.

When contacted, spokesman of 1 Division of Nigerian Army, Colonel Usman Abdul, declined commenting on the matter, saying he was yet to get the full details of what happened. [Channels]


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