4 Reasons Single People Prefer Texting To Calling


Technology has no doubt greatly shifted the landscape of dating as we know it. In fact, texting has become the new first step in dating. Despite this growing trend, did you know that most women still prefer the old-fashioned way of communicating with someone they are interested in?

While dialing her digits may not cost you anything, it is a clear investment in what could be a future relationship. That’s why, more often than not, calling is better than texting.

But if so many singles prefer calling versus texting, then why are those same singles more likely to text someone first than to call them first despite their stated preferences? I’m glad you asked.

A recent It’s Just Lunch survey revealed that 72.4% of the singles surveyed said they are more likely to text someone first after swapping numbers, compared to 39.9% who are more likely to call first. 65.8% of those same singles actually prefer to call compared to 40.9% of singles who prefer to text.

It certainly came as no surprise to learn that the younger the single, the higher the preference for texting while the older the single, the higher the preference for calling.  Despite the differences in age, most singles all around definitely prefer calling over texting.

Some possible reasons why so many singles are texting first despite their primary preference for calling include:


For professional singles who lead very busy lives, texting is a matter of convenience because it allows them to multi-task. They can send a text message while they are working, networking over lunch or heading to the gym.  It’s quick, easy and they can rejoin the conversation when they have a spare moment.


When it comes to shy singles, texting creates a comfortable barrier between themselves and the person on the other end of the line. Couple that with less pressure to be witty or quick on your feet when texting, it’s no wonder singles prefer texting to calling.

Fear of Rejection

Some singles, especially those under 30, are more likely to text someone first after swamping numbers because they can avoid blatant rejection. Getting turned down via text isn’t so bad compared to getting turned down over the phone. Additionally, some singles are easily discouraged by an unanswered or unreturned phone call.


Other singles use texting as a strategic first move to help break the ice before placing the phone call. The rationale behind the icebreaker text is that it increases the probability of having your phone call answered by re-establishing the initial connection that instigated the phone number swap in the first place.

Despite all of this overwhelming evidence that texting is the new norm in the dating world, my suggestion as a matchmaker would be for you to take your game up a notch and pick up the phone.


Source: lavalife.com