4 Signs Your Fiance Is A Womaniser!

article-2013123517160026160000Loyalty and faithfulness are vital in a relationship. But how can you tell if your guy is loyal to you? It can be difficult, especially in an arranged marriage or if your courtship period is very short. If you are lucky enough to spend some time with him, you might still have the chance to know him. So, is your ‘prince charming’ a womaniser? All your worries end here as we give you the top signs to find that out.

1. His attention to other women

You can make out if a man is interested in other women just by the way he looks at them. While you are out with him in the market or a mall, if he cannot concentrate on what you are saying and is more interested in checking out girls that pass by, that is a clear warning sign! Unfortunately, he might be the person you need to keep away from.

2. His timing for your dates

One of the common traits of a womaniser is that he always wants to meet his women in the night. No points for guessing why. A guy who is genuinely interested in you and really likes you would want to meet you for a lunch, a movie date or even go for the trousseau shopping together. It is not difficult to take hint when he mostly asks you out for late night drives, dinners, etc.

3. His touch

here is nothing wrong if you are comfortable being a little close with your fiancé. But it is natural for you to feel uncomfortable the moment he crosses the line. A man, who has only one agenda on his mind, will hold you very tight and try to rub on or massage his hand on your body, whenever he touches you, or drop similar hints. On the other hand, if he genuinely likes you for what you are and your personality, he would be careful not to make you uncomfortable in any way.

4. His social media account

ou have every right to know every possible detail about your would-be husband before you get married. So don’t think of yourself as a stalker or being over-possessive. There is nothing wrong in checking his friends list on his social media accounts. The more number of female friends as compared to males, inappropriate pictures with girls at parties or vacations, tell a lot about his character and can be enough for you to be warned.

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