5 Health Mistakes Women Make


Every woman is very conscious about her appearance. They can go to great lengths following strict diets and workouts to enhance it but sometimes unconsciously they end up doing these common health mistakes that can take a toll on their health and body eventually. Read on to know more about common health mistakes women make.

Wearing high heels too often
Wearing heels occasionally may not damage your legs but if you tend to wear high heels quite often, they end up putting extensive pressure on your joints. This leads to a number of health conditions like arthritis, hammer toes, back pain and tendon injuries. Try and minimise your heels to 1.5 inches for daily wear and start wearing insoles to reduce the pressure.

Wearing the wrong size bra
It is a well established fact that most women wear the wrong bra size all through her life. Wearing an ill fitted bra not only affects your clothes but will also cause a number of health problems like back, breast or neck pain. It could also end up messing your posture or causing skin irritation if it is too tight. It is extremely important that every woman gets her bra size checked every once in a while so that she can pick the right bra.

Emotional eating
While both men and women give in to emotional eating, studies prove that women are more prone to falling prey to this unhealthy eating spree. Emotional eating not only affects your waistline it is also linked to mood disorders and depression.

Sleeping with make up on
How often have you come back home tired and jumped right into bed without removing your make up? Leaving make up on overnight causes the dirt and oil to accumulate in your pores and clog them. Sleeping with mascara and eye makeup can also end up irritating your eyes.

Not getting enough sleep
You may be staying up late doing important work but consider this, lack of sleep has been linked to a number of health problems like increased calorie consumption, heart disease, stress, depression etc. It can also aggravate further to cause serious sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnoea too.

Source: healthmeup.com