5 Killed In Fresh Attack On Damboa Town

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen has launched a fresh attack on Damboa town, Borno State shooting five residents dead before fleeing into the forest in Toyota Hilux vehicles and motorcycles.

Although many have fled the terror-hit town, some remained saying they had nowhere to go. One of such is a 78-year-old resident, who explained to Vanguard that five masked gunmen attacked the locations where Boko Haram had earlier hoisted their flags, which were later removed, and began to shoot.

“I was sitting under this tree near where one of the flags was hoisted last Friday. I heard someone in mask chanting ‘God is great’ in Arabic, before shooting sporadically at any person in sight.

“They gunned down three people near the District Head’s residence, while the other two were killed at a nearby farmland. But they did not kill me because of my disability and inability to defend myself in this destroyed and deserted town.”

A resident that fled to Maiduguri, Habu Damboa also told journalists yesterday that the Tuesday attack was triggered by the removal of hoisted flags on Damboa road and the District Head’s palace.

“These gunmen that killed five people could have been informed that the hoisted flags had been removed last Sunday, before the people fled to Biu and Maiduguri for their safety.

“Some of the old men and women, including disabled persons in our town, refused to flee along with us,” he said.


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