5 Romantic Ways to Make Up after a Fight

article-2014494145416341000Fights in a marriage are often a good sign; they show that you (still) care for each other and the relationship you share. Fights mean that you both are trying to work things out (although, sometimes differently), and it gives you both an opportunity to make up and have that moment when you suddenly fall in love again! But that is true only if you make up in time and the right way, before things get out of hand. Here are five simple ways to make up after a fight. These are just a few chances to let in some extra romance, so read on.

1. Trust the classic love letter

Trust the good old “love letter” way to tell your partner how much you love them! This might sound clichéd, but is the most difficult one, trust us. Talk about why you are upset or what you don’t like, or what you expect. Write about things you would like to work on. At the same time, stress on how happy you are with them. Remember to be fun and romantic. Stay away from the blame game here. A handwritten letter always feels coming from the heart, and is more touching.

2. Use the rom-com effect

Watch a romantic comedy together; nothing can help you both forget about a silly fight better than laughing at crazy, yet romantic jokes! Just play it on the TV or your computer, and ask them to join. Before you even realise, you both will be enjoying it together. The falling in love, the flirting and the wooing, the laughter, tears, and the fairy tale ending- it will all be just the perfect end to a fight.

3. Simply.. Sleep together

That is correct! Just go to bed together, and the differences will be resolved sooner than you expect (if you know what we mean!). If you both are used to cuddling when sleeping, one of you will definitely make a move to hold the other. Soon enough, without even realising it, you will both be sleeping in each other’s arms, and wake up with a big smile. There is something powerfully warm about a hug and a cuddle; it makes you realise how much you love each other, and how other things don’t really matter.

4. Make an extra effort

Do something special. Let them know that you are making an effort to fix the fight. Extra efforts never go unnoticed, and they make your partner realise that you truly value what you both share, and how they feel. So, it can be anything like cooking their favourite meal, getting a special gift or flowers, or even inviting their friends over for a cosy get-together.

5. Cash on the embarrassing moments

When you don’t know what else will work, simply send them a few of your hilarious pictures! Now is the time to bring out the hidden images of yourself, which you didn’t want anyone to see! Your partner won’t ignore picture messages, and will soon be laughing it all off. This is the best way to show that you don’t mind taking the initiative.
Just remember that taking a little effort to make up after a fight is in no way giving up your opinions. It just means that you wish to make it work, and things like fights do not really matter.

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