6 Reasons Why Running Is the Best Workout for You


running1Most people consider running because it’s one of the simplest forms of cardiovascular exercise. All you need to do is get the right pair of shoes and get on the street. You probably already know that running daily will keep you healthy and fit but do you know how exactly does running aid your health? Read on to know these health benefits of running and why you should take it up.

Burns calories
It’s a no brainer that running burns several calories. But you can also make it a lot more intensive by running on slopes or on a beach to increase the amount of calories burnt.

Influences weight loss
Running helps you burn calories which in turn influences weight loss. Depending on how intensively and for how long you run, you can effectively use running as the perfect weight loss exercise.

Aids heart health
Intense cardiovascular exercises like running increases your heart rate and cause your heart to pump more blood. This increase in the blood supply benefits your organs and helps reduce bad cholesterol, thus aiding heart health.

Boost mental health too
If you thought running only had physical benefits then you’ll be surprised to know that running can keep you happier, reduce stress and boost your memory too. In fact, studies also link regular cardio exercises like running to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia related illnesses.

Most inexpensive and convenient exercise
You’re not bound by any high-end equipments, all you have to do is pick up your running shoes anytime of the day and run around for as long as you want. You can keep changing your locations according to your own convenience so that you don’t get bored. The best part is that taking a vacation or going out of town does not interrupt your workout because you can take up running anywhere.

Flushes out body toxins
Running causes you to sweat profusely. It is through this sweat that your body flushes out bad toxins from your skin and pores which are otherwise responsible for acne and blemishes.