66-Year-Old Lagos Lawmaker Reveals He Loves Women

A Lawmaker representing Ifako Ijaiye Const. 2 at the Lagos House of Assembly, Senator Ipoola Omisore who disclosed that at the age of 36 he already had nine children talks about his reasons.


Senator Omisore who now has 15 kids said his condition is hereditary. He, however, warns other men not to follow his footsteps.

Omisore who lost his wife at the age of 39 said he had to remarry because it was easy producing such number of kids at that period because the country’s situation was good and he was comfortable having returned from overseas where he studied Advertising.

He said: “Having many children is hereditary. My grandfather, the real Omisore, died in 1941. He was survived by 99 sons and 58 daughters yet ‘abiku’ (evil spirit that kills infants) worried him so much.

“I am the 58th child of my father and I have 18 younger ones. In my family number does not matter and we believe so much in education, even ordinary carpenter in my family might be a graduate.

“For those who come from a background of one or two children, if you try to copy me, you would regret it.


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