7 Fun Activities to Do with Your Boyfriend at Home

Restaurant dates, bar hopping with friends and movie nights out put a strain on your wallet. And if you and your boyfriend want to save money for wedding, house, or car, you might want to know how to have dates at home, where you can save money and have fun together. Check out some fun activities to do at home with your partner!
1. Have a cooking contest
If you have a lot of leftovers and groceries, why not make a cooking contest out of it? Have each of you cook something different to eat. At the end have a taste test to see who wins! Then, grade each other on taste, creativity, and presentation. This is really fun activity to do at home with your boyfriend, and who knows, maybe you or your partner come up with a new favorite recipe!

2. Play video games
Many guys and girls like playing video games, so why not play video games with your boyfriend? Take a sheet of paper in order to keep score of who is winning and play games against each other! I and my boyfriend often play Call of Duty, we are very fond of this game! However, don’t get too competitive, otherwise you may find yourself in an absurd argument.

3. Have a spa day
Although your boyfriend will not openly admit it, but he likes being pampered as much as you do. Create a spa day and give each other massages, foot rubs, facials, etc. If your guy doubts, convince him that it will not hurt his manly image, quite the contrary it will relax him. Treat your boyfriend and have him treat you to all spa products you have at home.

4. Start a workout routine
Have you and your boyfriend ever wanted to get in shape? Start a workout routine in your house! You can take a jog around the block or do a workout video together. When you have someone to push you to work out, it is a great motivator! You will not only be burning calories, but also have a lot of laughing together trying to follow the routine.


6. Have a funny photo shoot together
Looking for another fun activity to do at home with your boyfriend? What about a funny photo shoot together? You can even put makeup on each other or dress up in whatever you find around the house! Set the self-timer on your camera and take a lot of pictures!

7. Make your own game
You can create a drinking game out of your favorite TV show or a movie, or you can even create your own sport to play outside. It shouldn’t be a completely logical game. It would be even more fun if your game did not make much sense. If you like your own game, you can play with your friends or family later!

What is your favorite activity to do with your boyfriend when you are both stuck at home? Share your ideas, please.
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