7 Reasons Why Jonathan Must Not Come Back In 2015

It is a given that President Goodluck Jonathan was voted into office through a popular mandate in 2011 that heralded the death of erstwhile President, Umaru Yar’ Adua. But after close to five years in Aso Rock, conducts and actions of the President leave much to be desired. The Goodluck Jonathan’s regime has disappointed the Nigeria populace to say the least, hence he should not return come 2015. The reasons are as follows:



It is generally agreed that the scourge called corruption is the biggest bane militating against the growth and development of the country, consequently one expect a well meaning President to tackle the menace of corruption headlong. But in the last 5years, the Jonathan Administration has massaged and breastfed corruption to high heavens. Is it the several missing funds, the massive sharing that reign supreme in the NNPC, the delay in getting rid of the erstwhile minister of Aviation, Stella Odua and the litany of Pension Scams pervading the polity. Are we forgetting something? Didn’t Jonathan campaign for corrupt element like Ayo Fayose? Of course we can’t forget the withdrawal of Abacha’s case even against the Supreme Court’s ruling, the president went further to lay credence to these assertions when he said stealing was not corruption.

Many were of the opinion that if the Jonathan Administration could tackle the Power situation of Nigerians, then he would be celebrated. But that has not been the case. With billions of naira spent on the Power sector and the subsequent unbundling of the PHCN, Nigerians are still in darkness. What is it with the Power sector that we just can’t solve once and for all? President Jonathan promised stable power in December in 2013, later June 2014 and now we are in July. Do you have electricity in your domain? How long are we going to listen to unfulfilled promises?
A popular quote says “politicians think of the next election, statesmen think of the next generation”. Obviously President Jonathan does not believe in this. A president enmeshing himself in one political fight after another is not healthy for our politics. Jonathan aligning with the Jang faction as against Governor Amaechi that won an election is not Presidential. Is 16 greater than 19? During a campaign in Ekiti state, the President was quoted to have said: “I would develop Ekiti state, if Fayose wins the election.” Is Jonathan not the President of Nigeria?
Political offices under the Jonathan Administration suddenly turned to a conduit pipe for compensating politicians. Bamanga Tukur was booted out due to the internal wrangling in the PDP. What did Jonathan do? He appointed Tukur as the Chairman of the Railway Corporation, less than 3 months later Tukur was made Ambassador at large. It is of note that Alhaji Tukur is in his eighties. Where are the young technocrats in this country? Must you compensate politicians with appointments even when they are not competent?
Nigeria has never been so unsafe since the birth of the Nation like it is presently. Bombings, killings, destruction are being record daily and the Military and indeed the Jonathan Government is hapless and helpless. Agreed, the current security challenges predated the administration, but he promised to curb the menace of Boko Haram, hence he was voted massively into office in 2011. The onus lie on him to tackle the madness called terrorism. Obviously he seems incapable.
The fact remain that the Chibok girls had been in the hands of the sect for over 3 months, yet the President has not paid a visit to the family of the kidnapped Chibok girls. It took the coming of the Pakistani activist Malala Yussafzai to convince the President to do otherwise. Indecision you might want to say! Should such a figure remain as President? The President neglected families of kidnapped girls for more than 3 months. How insensitive!

The President asked the National Assembly to approve the sum of 1billion US dollars as loan for the purchase of arms and ammunition to boost the fire-power of Nigerian Military in combating the scourge of Boko Haram. From 2010 to 2013 over 3trillion naira had been spent on security without any headway. Even the 2014 budget for security is in the tune of over 900billions of naira. So what is the rationale behind that decision? I thought the era of borrowing is long gone? Is it for 2015? The National Assembly should disregard such move in its entirety.



  • its very obvious, set aside being a politician nd 2 let d truth prevail, nigeria is in a seriuos state nd shamble condition wt no direction wt bundles of rougues nd idiots as our leaders dat won tru selection bt nt election

  • this is just a few reasons. Naija have never been this divided. the country is nearing disintegration day by day as a result of do or die action(s).

  • A.P.C, wat is it that you people don’t understand,so the president should start goin house to house to meet d parents of d abducted girls,dats not wise,he is d president for God’s sake,let’s just leave dis man to focus and do his job,nobody is perfect in dis world,but if u guys think u are wiser than matin luther king,just wait for 2019 then u’ll take over but wat I promise u guys is dis,as u don’t want PDP to rest,,wen u’ll com in power they will not allow u also to rest

  • I don’t understand these guys, is it d@ u are blind, dead to happenings in 9ja, senseless, or just being stupidly biased wif gross political medeocrity? Aren’t those reasons facts and true? Dis isn’t about PDP and APC, simply put GEJ has failed nigerians. I don’t know who wudnt, be let truth be told, d man has been a total failure #gbam!

  • Yes, d man is a failure to be candid. We will not all be stupid & wait 4 him to kill all of us wit BOKO HARAM & joblessness.. No security, corruption is tooooo high, No stable or no electric power supply, All wot he his after is 2015 election, Innocent chibok girls are there in custody of terrorist, Rituals & Ritualist everyday, WHATELSE do we need to say…. Nigeria is jagaja

  • Yes, d man is a failure to be candid. We will not all be stupid & wait 4 him to kill all of us wit BOKO HARAM & joblessness.. No security, corruption is tooooo high, No stable or no electric power supply, All wot he his after is 2015 election, Innocent chibok girls are there in custody of terrorist, Rituals & Ritualist everyday, WHATELSE do we need to say…. Nigeria is jagaja

  • I think dis reasons re more dan enough to make nigerians see what a mess GEJ has bein and hw is ambition for 2015 has led to wide spread of poverty and unemployment yet some pple stil say he has nt done any thin wrong,it is normal in all society,der re pple who likes evil trends but we d youth of d pple of south south we no longer vote on d bases of tribal or regional line bcos we have obviously seen dat it has done more harm dan good with d emergence of GEJ but rather we wil vote on d bases of who can lead nigeria outer dis mess d present regime has place us,for me and my pple dis regime has failed woefully

  • The writer of dis sh*t….need to go get a life….wat has A.P.C done in the state they govern…u dont go to equity with an unclean hands…was it not bokohari(buhari) that said ‘nigeria wud be ungovernable’ now it is happening….how do u plague d country with terrorism and xpect evrytin to move on fyn,,,,bad losers

  • This is the work of the devil…list out the good things he has done and let’s see whether it can be compared to the bad

  • Paulo $ Shally i agree wit U̶̲̥̅̊!so in his almost 5yrs of ruling he hasn’t done anything gud! In judgement U̶̲̥̅̊ place gud $ bad jukstaposingly to c which outweighs the other. So be4 U̶̲̥̅̊ judge whether or not to vote 4 him, place dem side by side let’s c! To whoever wrote dis article it’s an assignment 4 U̶̲̥̅̊ . Nigeria $ Nigerians are too big/educated to be cajoled by loopsided minds like U̶̲̥̅̊ ! GEJ till 2023

  • Pls leave our president alone he is coming back for a second term by the Grace of God. None of u has the power to stop him so Buhari Atiku if u guys think by destabilizing GEJ government will make u popular u guys are jokers and all of u who are runing ur mouths like runing water go and get busy. We will meet at thepools and we will no who is greater

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