A White Man Urinating In Public

The culture of urinating by the side of the road by Nigerians is no more a news to many but when a white man is seen engaging in such act becomes a very surprising happening.


This white man shown in this photo above was seen this morning, Thursday, July 17, 2014 at the bridge linking Third Mainland to Obalende urinating by the side of the road.

Urinating from bridges is a ‘good’ tradition in Lagos. In the beginning of this year Kick Against Indiscipline group spoiled peeing party for a group of four Nigerians.

This tells many things….While we think we can get to do anything because we are the owners of the land, many foreigners are watching us to follow suit!…What do you think?


  1. Provide public restrooms, I bet you, you would not see a white man uniratining obnoxiously on the street. When nature calls, what do you do, wet yourself?

  2. This goes a long way to tell us that the problem of Nigeria is neither with the politicians nor the masses. The problem is that Nigeria “has no law.”

    Politicians can steal public fund not because they are Nigerians, but because no law to restrict them from doing so. If a white man assumes a political office in this nation, he will also steal. if a Nigeria assumes a political office in America he will not steal.

    LAW! LAW!! LAW!!! That’s what we lack, not a good leader.

    If Obama becomes President of Nigeria and Good luck Jonathan of America, the two Countries situations will remain the same.


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