Attack On Buhari Aimed At Causing Riots In North So Military Can Take Over – Asari-Dokubo

Founder of the disbanded Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujahid Asari Dokubo, has reacted to Wednesday’s attack on former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd) in Kaduna, saying it was a plot to push the military to take-over power.

In a series of conspiracy tweets via his handle @asari_freedom, the ex-militant leader claimed that the plan was to ‘kill Buhari to push the North to riot and cause calamity, so the military can take over from GEJ’, in reference to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Alleging that yesterday’s attack was just the beginning of more to come in a bid by desperate northerners ‘to grab power’, Asari advised leaders of the region to take a stand and expose those behind the insurgency because according to him ‘Boko Haram will kill you even if you support them’.

See his tweets below:

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  1. Am not surprise the way you and your wife voice rubbish on air just 2 misslead the masses. We all knw how you’re beneffiting frm d present government. BEGGERS

  2. To God be the glory for everything,and my question is,why do the boko haramist now targeting their mentors like buhari and others?Or had the house they build with their own hands crumbling against them?.Please God whatever the case may be”expose the builders of evil in this country, make them to test the pit of death as they has caused others untimely death as result of their evil constructions in the land and no ones blood is made to be greater or more precious than the other!.

  3. Hmm,some people will never understand….Nigerians we have to tell ourselves the truth.First of all tribalism,regionalism and selfish interest will kill us,looking at the security challenges of our dear country yet people can not say the truth..These PDP and APC isssues are divilish issues one can ask why i say so,come to think of it since the Boko Haram insurgent start how many politicians or government officials die? Non.The people that are dying everyday are the poor ones and there are alot of people out there that the more the Boko Haram attack the more they get rich.And partaining the issue of bring back our girls is nothing but a scam as said by Asari’s wife and i agree with her with the following reasons.How many people died before the abduction of those girls? Who came out to talk? Secondly Sambisa forest is not the world’s deadliest and largest forest,what stop army from entering if at all is true? Lastly i learnt that hunters that use to hunt in sambisa forest before,they organised themselves and asked government to grant them permission so as to enter, government stop them and as i am talking to you no one is allow to enter the forest…Don’t you think something fishy is here? Do not forget that Nigerians Soldiers went to Liberia a country and restore peace mali and many more and peace is now restored and you think that just three States will be a headache to them? Mr President has the solution to our problems yet he is busy thinking of causing trouble to opposition party and vice versa.Is’t that he is incompetent or what? Please lets tell ourselves the truth because our leaders don’t know about our existance they only cause problem here and there thinking that when the country is not safe they will travel out.Almost all of them have their own private house in America and other countries,with that wouldn’t you calm yourself down and think of how to protect yourself? They don’t care if you die because of them,infact common house rat is safier than you in Nigeria today..May Almighty God help us

  4. This baboon should shut up. PDP are known to be killers and assassins from time. They killed dokubo and bola ige. When AZAZI made the statement about PDP being boko haram, they brought down his chopper. Asari, we know your role in GEJ killer squad earlier exposed by OBJ. We have the facts and God almighty will expose and destroy you and your paymaster in aso rock. We will flush GEJ out of our polity. He is evil just like you. The terror on the street is the reflection of the spiritual make up of the leadership. we aare being ruled by an occultic and evil bunch who masquerade as christians or muslims. Your D Day has come. So stop bringing your illiterate views to a civilised and cultured print media.

  5. Asari Dokubo is a sick man only want 2 b held,unreasonable fellow, he does nt see beyond his nose, does nt think b4 he talk, a disparaging character, a parasite and a sycophant

  6. Asari is just acting on the money he is getting from GEJ so far…the power of money you would say… the truth would soon be out soon. I even thought he would come out start insulting buhari as he is used to under the watch of his God father GeJ…supprisingly he seem to be scared of military taking over like he was not thesame hoodlum who claim he can wage war against Nigeria. Please Asari U need evaluate ur psych. U seem to be a lil sick.n requires an urgent attention before 2015 n beyond…cos he may be in jail in the next political dispensation, cos he will be one of the elements to be puten away for peace to reign ever after.

  7. Dokubo asara tell your paymaster anything happen to GMB that’s the end of the so called country called Nigeria,tell clueless de drunkz that’s his conspiracy has failed

  8. I support the words of asari on that one. All nah dramas to get our attention, if Buari dies he won’t be the first and last,they have killed many in the past. All these bloody testy bastards seeking to rule Nigeria. Nemesis will catch up with them in a supernatural way, wether apc or pdp.

  9. Did you think we don’t know who is killing northerners you among of them, don’t measure your self with any Religion you KAFIROOn and you want deceive us and God, I believe theyres day God will fire all u r generation stupid.


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