Bakare Urges Interim Government In 2015

The Serving Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly and Convener of the Save Nigeria Group (SNG), Pastor Tunde Bakare, has said interim government may be the solution to the political crisis that may erupt whether President Goodluck Jonathan contests next year’s presidential election or not.

He said the dilemma of whether President Jonathan should contest or not is a major issue the nation would grapple with in 2015, given the threats by those who do not want him to contest and that of his kinsmen in the Niger Delta who have threatened to blow up oil installations in the region if Jonathan does not return to power.

Bakare, who is a delegate to the National Conference, spoke during Sunday’s church service in Lagos while preaching on the topic: High Profile Scandals Part 2, subtitled Conspicuous Consumption. [PMNEws]


  1. Bakare are you sure that you are a pastor? You sound as a muslem,you are an apc member.You are a fake pastor don’t decieve nigerians that you are a pastor,real pastors do not talk politics pastor like kumuye he don’t talk about politics he only talk about god.Bakare you are a fake

  2. What a pity! Nigerians want men of GOD’s heart but dislike them from politics. If you are a christian, you would recollect how kings were ordained in Old testament. Why did Jonathan went about kneeling for clergymen. If you are a muslim, you would agree that monarchs are religiously influenced too. Come back home as an African we do the same traditionally. Let’s think right, act right, move right to avoid eternal woes!

  3. @jacob,The hottest fires in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral or political crisis. Pastor Tunde Bakare is not cut out for those who will quietly “sidon look” while bad thing flourish.