Boko Haram Gives Indigenes Of Chibok Eviction Notice

Chibok indigenes have alerted the federal government to a quit notice served on the community by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

At a press conference in Abuja, Friday, The Chairman of the Chibok nation, Dr. Pogu Bitrus said that residents of Kautikari and Kaya town had received what the Boko Haram sect termed final notice to attack the towns again and ordered the residents to vacate the village or face total annihilation on their next visit.

“As a matter of urgency, we wish to alert the general public and the international community that after the attack on four villages of Kautikari, Nguradina, Kwada/Kaumutayahi and Kakulmari on Sunday 29th June, 2014, which recorded 105 deaths, the residents of Kautikari and Kaya town have received what the Boko Haram sect termed final notice to attack Kautikari again by advising residents to vacate the village or face total annihilation on their next attack which has been promptly reported to the security agencies”.

Bitrus disclosed further that Kaya town in Damboa Local Governemaent Area attacked on July 3, 2014 received a stern warning from the Boko Haram insurgents after the attack to vacate their town; given that they constitute an obstacle on their way to invading Chibok (Kibaku) Nation.

The Chibok Nation also expressed dismay over “the inability of the federal government to provide adequate security for the people.”

Bitrus said the capacity of the military in the villages “is just like a platoon, which is not more than forty.”

“Today is 81 days since the abduction of our girls and in spite of the categorical statements by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), that the location of the girls is known to the government, the appalling situation and agony encompassing the unfortunate abduction saga and detention of the Chibok girls by the Boko Haram insurgents continues and the rescue efforts by the government is yet to yield result.

“While this unfortunate situation persists, many distressed parents are dying of heart attack and frustration as their dejection has become unbearable. On record, seven parents have lost their lives due to the trauma of the situation.

“Unfortunately, again, the Federal government has not provided adequate security in the Chibok area since the unfortunate abductions of April 14 even in the face of persistent attacks by the Boko Haram insurgents.”

According to Bitrus, Boko Haram had so far carried out 15 attacks on the Chibok Nation involving 19 villages with over 229 killed and over 100 injured.

“Some of the victims of these attacks are parents and relations of the abducted girls, thereby adding more pains to the traumatic condition already inherent in the Chibok (Kibaku) Community.”

Bitrus disclosed further that the inhabitants of Tsilari and Shawa villages had already been completely dislodged and the villages taken over by the Boko Haram insurgents and their flag hoisted.

“Worthy of note is the fact that 90% of the attacks were carried out with advanced notice to the residents by the Boko Haram insurgents which were subsequently reported to the relevant security agencies concerned but no action was taken to avert any of the attacks or even respond during the attacks.”

The Chibok indigenes however demanded among others, that the government should negotiate with the Boko Haram sect with a view of securing the release of their girls and also to establish a rehabilitation center in Chibok to address psychological, medical and traumatic effects of the abduction on parents, escaped and yet to be rescued girls and the Chibok community.

The group also wants government to station an army battalion in Chibok town.



  2. Do you blame the Boko? Its unfortunate our govt is irresponsible. Soldiers are in Lagos destroying BRT buses and being used to intimidate voters, yet souls are perishing everyday in N/E. Souls in Ngr are worth nothing courtesy bad governance.

  3. Come to think of it, why not station ARMY BATTALION in chibok? To live the community because of bokoharam? [That is more than foolishness thing to do] no airforce in nigeria again or does it mean the bokoharams have more weapons than nigerian army? Government should explain why bokoharams are more powerful than them.

  4. I pray everyday to be stronger than samson in the bible when i grow,. That time, a single terrorist will be bomb with 100 pieces of bombs.

  5. Is our gov’t sleeping or Wat
    I cant c y dis so called boko destroying humans lyf n property.
    It unfair,since muslim start dia fasting, I have nt heared of bomb in dia mosque bt dey ar bombing churches here n dere.
    4 me,I would exchange d children wit dia peoples in prison n den find out dia hideout n bomb dem n make sure no one of dem escape
    dat ma opinion?

  6. This is very bad i dnt know why boko haram is attacking chibok so desperate or is it bcos they are more of christains . God rescue chibok

  7. My question Is, why federal government is too slow in rescuing these girls? Is almost 81days now and still no any positive outcome. Please bring back our girls.

  8. the answer to the whole matter is that,most of the army comanders in maidugiri were muslems from the north and all of are boko harams,and if u send southern to go and comand u will hear an alegation of extrajudiciary killings,raping from the ACF from NEF and from northern emirs cancil but now that they are comanding the bathalon we know that the possibity of delaying the rescue mission is there and the possibity of assisting boko haram there brothers with AA gun while the sodiers may be using Ak47 so my brothers,what we have in place is fake govt.whose agenda is to looth the puplic treasury and not for security of the citizen.but if i may sugest i will call for division and when it hapens, the present northern xtians are wellcome to any part of south they choose to stay as we will have a better country.because all muslems are wild men.i think they have looted a lot from BABAGIDA to ABACHA with noting to offer to the country now they are causing a lot of pain.,what the benefit of togatherness with this evil pp

  9. Boko haram is out for destruction and nothing else. We should not be ignorants of the works of the enemy. Christians, its high time we started praying for chibok sincerely and prepare ourselves for rapture.

  10. Our leaders ar rude n pathetic
    dere ar all moda4ukers
    dat y bokoharam turns 2 b d giants against dem,Goodluck Johny, I know u ar frustrated by ya enemies trying 2 ruin ur gov’t, dnt trust dem n wake
    4 ur country. U have d power 2 punish dos moda4ukers u called ur gov’t, do it n we behind u


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