Boko Haram Takes Over Borno Village, Hoists Flag

Boko Haram have taken over the north-eastern town of Damboa, Borno State, killing over 100 people in the process.

The Islamist sect had since hoisted its black and white flag over the town left undefended by the Nigerian military, reports PMNews, citing civil defence spokesman and a human rights advocate said.

Boko Haram continued spreading terror through the northeast, as hundreds of people in Askira Uba have started fleeing the town following letters from the Islamist sect group threatening to attack and take over their villages, according to Abbas Gava, spokesman for Nigerian Vigilante Group, who noted that residents of about “nine major villages are on the run.”

Gava noted that there had been little or no resistance to the sect as the only defence came from vigilantes armed with clubs and homemade rifles.

A human rights advocate, who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed the incident, adding that, Boko Haram had struck again as people were trying to bury their dead, and that the toll was probably much higher than 100.

The town had been under siege for two weeks, since Boko Haram dislodged soldiers from a new tank battalion camp on its outskirts.

The defence ministry claimed to have repelled the attack and killed at least 50 insurgents for the loss of six soldiers, including the commanding officer, but locals said many soldiers had been killed and that the military had been driven from the base. They said in the past week, the extremists have twice ambushed military convoys trying to reach the base.


  1. There’s a whole lot of sabottage among the military. Even the so-called foreign assistance, especially from US and UK that volunteered to assist us in wiping out insurgency, should be check-mated for complicity in this whole scenario. US has once predicted that Nigeria may not remain as one country by 2015, chances are that they might be doing everything to make their predictions become real. UK sees nothing good about the south, they handed power to the north so that they’ll continue to rule over the south. There’s a conspiracy somewher. The question to be asked is that, who is that individual or group of people that has money more than the FG to sponsor this insurgents and buying sophisticated weapons. I believe they’re coming from outside this country. Not denying the fact that some northern politicians may have started this insurgency by recruiting and sponsoring them, in other to make the country ungovernable for this present government. But right now, they no longer have control over them, as it has taken another unenvisaged dimension and hijacked by other foreigners and foreign terrorists just to distabilise Nigeria. The govt should rise to the occassion of tracking all this information and discover the sponsors of this insurgents. Our military should be well-equipped to counter this insurgents and bring them down. Since they’ve taken over the villages in Bornu and the villagers has fled, the govt should move in quickly with air-strikes and bombard them. There should be no hiding place.

  2. The ignorance of conspiracy theories including that foreign interest like the US maybe behind the resilience of boko is dissapointing, baseless and ignorant as aforementioned. The likely culprits fostering and bolstering boko haram is lack of leadership from cvilian and militAry leadership, low to absent morale in the military, insufficient or almost absence of training, lack of dedication to country and service , religious and tribal interest at play. Pls lets focus on the problems of nigeria and leave the US alone for she has to have competent and honest partners for her to help effectively. I believe that disgruntled ex and current military officers, business men and politicians are sponsoring the insurgents with no short list of arms dealers near and far from our borders. I totally agree with mr princewill as it is common knowledge that this all intensified as an attempt to undermine the presidency of goodluck jonathan from a sect or idealogy initially focused on jihad what i call islamization of nigeria, which will never happen with the current make up and entrenched nature of our national identity unless there is a split which is probably a more realistic solution not undermining the immediate consequences of such. My biggest quandrum from the insurgency also drives me to the aforementioned culprits and /or mindset that i belive makes the sect problem unsolvable; which is, how can the rag tag nature and organization hold down the nigeria army in terms of number? training ? resources and even finances? . My only answer is readiness, morale and will and obviously leadership. Unfortunately is my prescription is right, it cannot be filled over night. MAY GOD HELP US AND SHOW SPECIAL MERCY TOWARDS THE AFFLICTED AND VICTIMS.

    This dare devil cannot be as uncontrollable as our military want us to believe. The military should do a thorough in-house cleaning. If the insurgents has no informants within the military it could not have been so easy for it to counter attack.
    Heavy mercenaries do not win war and beautiful palace does not make a king. God has given us in Nigeria all resources but our self made leaders refuse to give those who have the grace of the technical know how to operate.
    No amount of money voted for security that can be effective in as much as the in-house is dirty, loyalty and patriotism are lacking. Loyalty, patriotism, dedication, enthusiastic and fair treatment with the grace of God are the ingredients that we need to overcome Boko Haram. No amount of money that can replace these essential virtues.
    Our problem is greed and corruption at all levels. War can be fought without necessarily going aborrowing. Nigeria civil war was fought when greed had not taken our leaders on as flowing garment. It was fought without battered economy.
    Anybody that is claiming that our government has no money is a liar. The present administration has made billionaires out of their cronies who were paupers who could have hadly dream of a million now controlling billion from fraud supported by top ranking in government.
    It is unfortunate that this evil has penetrated into military that was known for discipline, loyalty and dedication. Let there be a shake up and Boko Haram is finished. The secret service in the military should wake up to its responsibility.

  4. It is very unfortunate that most nigerians did not know that the nation is under a curce brought upon her by the politicians right from the day of satanlugard when they laid the evil foundation of amalgamation.and that both side are wiser and our politicians are working round the clock to make sure we remain in that ungodly marriage without cosidering the will of the masses,but the God almighty whom i serve will surely humiliate them,disappoint and frustrate them out so that his will be done.for me bokoharam are freedom fighters and even the muslem military and northern elite knew it i am stating it here loud and clear that if we want peace we should divide this country and stop blaming everything arround us,if not shall be no peace,b/c we are not one the only thing that unite us is the oil money our ideology is not one they are always against us likewise we to them and that was the case of God with lucifer in heaven,pls my people lets go our seprate ways for peace to reign, hatred is too much.

  5. Emeka,how can you say they are freedom fighters,who are they fighting the government or the civilian cos i don’t see your point there.


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