Chibok Girls In Good Health – Boko Haram Spiritual Leader

A man, ho claimed to be “Boko Haram’s spiritual teacher” has told the BBC World Service radio, with his voice disguised, that the girls abducted in Chibok on April 14 are in good state of health and are “feeding very well”.

The man also said that although most of the Christians among the girls had been converted to Islam, those who objected were not forced.

He however reiterated the terror group’s condition for the girls’ release, that unless the Federal Government frees members of the sect imprisoned in government facilities, the Chibok schoolgirls would remain captive.

“I joined the group in 2004. We are pushing for a Sharia state. We want the Nigerian government to release our members. If they release our members today, we will release the girls tomorrow. You will see all of them as Abubakar Shekau, our leader, promised the media.

“Those who agreed to convert to Islam have been converted and those who refused have been left alone. There is no forced conversion in Islam.

“Allah commands us to treat everyone equally. We are not discriminating against them; we treat all of them equally. They all are healthy. They feed well.

“Under Islam, killing women and children is not acceptable. But if they are fighting you, then you must fight them. But if they do not attack you, you leave them. We only go after those who give information to our enemy,” he said.


  1. I think he spoke well, to me I will suggest we dialogs with this set at least on a maximum reasonining we all can sense their demand, if acturly is necessary to once life. Let us live sentiments and tribalism. Religions can still consider be considered otherwise

  2. Our leader, our terrorist. They are playing politics on the fellow Nigerians. They only want to poison the mind of Nigerian, fail to rescue the girls and increase the attack so that GEJ can declare state of emergency in the state(Boko-haram only attack opposition ruled state mostly) which will pave way for his 2015 ambition.

  3. All that one na lie,nig gov wil not agree to reles thos idiot from prison bcus d hav don so many ham dan good,nonsenc,ilitrat and mumu boko haram

  4. Any body dat say ‘release’ boko haram is insan(madness) those idiot have kill many life jst for nothing. Say sharia law useless law of killing people.

  5. He says ‘allah comands dem 2 treat evry1 equaly’, dats y dey r treatin Nigerians equaly by murderin us n refusin 2 surender arms…all lies


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