Chidinma Shows Off Her Selling Point


Petite singer and successful contestant from one of the previous MTN Project Fame contest — Chidinma isn’t one to flaunt anything on social media.

The reserved singer who was involved in a sex-tape rumor last year has shown us that she ‘Garrit’

The singer shared the above photo of herself and the long thing she has behind.

I must say that I just developed a new affection for Chidinma!!

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  • Pls chidinma don’t mind Anatho john. Don’t make it more open dan dis. U are a decent girl cont to be. Don’t let pple like AJ push
    U into wat u will regret at last. U are beautify inside and outside. Rem where u come frm. God bless u

  • Putting camera in the house will help alot but i think putting it in the monetary tree (sit down part) will help more says:

    U see, one thing i know about human is that, Mr A is Mr A & Mrs B is Mrs B, and Mrs B can not be Mr A and there is no how Mr A can be Mrs B (individual differences) so Chidimma is Chidimma not u. Pls be urself but 4 me o, i do appreciate even a little so that it will attract big, thank u. Yours in luv OTU

  • When she was poor she will cover up her body but now wealth and fame has entered her head and she now takes stupid pics to show us. I don’t know if she wants my younger sis and other innocent young girls out there to copy her.
    Absolutely Nonsense!!!

  • Those any body know miss chidimma b4?…No, nw i dnt knw y pple always involve them selfs in dis usuless rumour abt a famöus celebraty, pls miss chidimma leav ur life d way you chose to, go ahead wit ur lyf joor noting do u my beby, u re such a dearling.

  • life is personal…. u can choose to b gud or bad(choice). I live my life u live yours but legacy last longer………..chidinma watch out…..guys kip kul

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