China Floods Kill 7, Displaces 170,000

Seven people have died and around 170,000 have been evacuated due to floods as torrential rains lash the central provinces of Hunan and Guizhou in China, according to the offical Xinhua agency.

Hunan province is the worst affected by the flooding, which has forced 148,400 people to relocate and destroyed some 13,000 homes, causing economic losses of 730 million yuan ($118 million).

In Fenghuang County, one of the biggest tourist attractions of the province, famous for its bridges and traditional houses bordering the river, most of the shops have been destroyed and both tourists and locals had to be evacuated.

In the neighboring province of Guizhou, bad weather forced the evacuation of 21,000 people and affected about half a million people, the Xinhua agency added.


Incessant rain and floods have hit the transport system in the region as many important highways and rail routes remain submerged.

China suffers frequent natural disasters during the summer months due to the strong monsoon, especially in the southern half of the country.


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